Cleaning Routines for the New Year

Cleaning Routines for the New Year

Now that the holidays are over, and all the gifts have been opened, it’s time to think about how to keep your home clean for the new year. You can make your abode more accommodating with a few simple cleaning routines. Whether you live in a large home or a small condominium, cleaning can be easy once you learn a few helpful techniques. Here are some ways you can start a routine for the new year that will keep your home organized as the seasons change.

Get Your Pantry in Order

woman arranging pantry for orderliness

It’s easy for your pantry to become a mess, especially if you have kids. Make pantry organization simple by purchasing several clear jars or canisters in different sizes. Stash items like dry goods such as sugar, pasta, and cereal in the canisters. Finish them with a fun chalkboard label so everyone can easily see what’s inside. The canisters should be airtight to keep the food fresh. Once you organize your pantry, it’s more like a neat and tidy store where everyone in the family can grab what they need.

Make Chores a Family Affair

family cleaning lving room together

When it comes to tidying up, it’s important that the entire family takes part. You can encourage everyone to contribute by giving them a list of chores they must do each week. Make a central location where you can jot down everyone’s “assignment” such as a chalkboard or dry erase board that hangs in the kitchen. Give everyone a task to accomplish each week. Whether it’s cleaning up their bedroom or putting dirty clothes in the hamper, assigning chores will make your life a whole lot easier.

Practice Simple Cleaning Habits

small child helping with laundry

One easy way to establish a good cleaning routine is to start making a few simple things a habit in the home. You can create your own personalized schedule however you see fit, but make sure you incorporate it into your weekly schedule no matter what. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your home stays clean, organized, and happy all year round:

  • Scrub toilets, baths, and showers on Tuesday so you can enjoy a clean bathroom for the remainder of your week and through the weekend.
  • Do laundry in large batches so it’s easier to get it all done at once rather than having to wash and dry clothes for each person in the home separately.
  • Always clean up as you go when you cook. Put dishes in the dishwasher immediately instead of letting them sit in the sink.
  • Wash bedding and other linens weekly for a clean, fresh bed and fluffy towels.
  • Vacuum and mop regularly, preferably once per week for clean, hygienic floors.
  • Scoop cat litter boxes daily, and always clean the yard at least every other day if you have a dog that goes outside.
  • Dust all surfaces as needed and do a thorough dusting once per month to keep everything clean.
  • Organize mail and other items every day and throw junk mail away as soon as you get it so it doesn’t pile up.

These are just a few simple things you can do to keep your home clean all year long. Once you create a set routine, it will become a habit that promotes a cleaner, more organized, and healthy home.