Cost of Living in Clarksville, TN Breakdown

Are you getting ready to move to lovely Clarksville, TN? If yes, lucky you! Clarksville is the epitome of southern charm while also offering access to gorgeous nature! To help, we put together this guide; Cost of Living in Clarksville, TN Breakdown. Also, read on to the end to find out about storage units in Clarksville. (Just in case there’s a problem with your move or your new home closing.)

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Cost of Living in Clarksville, TN Breakdown

Cost of Living in Clarksville is Affordable

You’ll be glad to know that, overall, living in Clarksville, Tennessee, is affordable. We scored an 85.6/100, over 14 points below the national average. Except for utilities, every expense in Clarksville is lower than the national average. The lowest cost? That would be housing at 70/100, which is really great. That means that you’ll pay 30% less than the average American family in Clarksville when buying a new home!

Housing Costs in Clarksville Are Affordable

As mentioned earlier, housing costs in Clarksville, TN, are very affordable. That’s because we rank at 70/100, 30 points below the national average. The median home price here is $154,000, which is phenomenal compared to the national average of $231,000. (That’s a savings of almost $80,000!) Median rents here in Clarksville are lower also (but not by much). The median rent is $961. compared to the national average of $1060, so about $100. per month less. Not much savings there but, if you buy, you’ll reap quite a bit of savings!

Healthcare in Clarksville is About Average

The cost of living in Clarksville when it comes to healthcare isn’t super affordable but isn’t expensive either. At 97/100, it’s just 3 points less than the national average. Still, the water quality here is exceptional (100/100), and air quality is OK (65/100). One thing positive about Clarksville (there are several more!) is that people stay in good shape with plenty of outdoor activity opportunities. Biking, hiking, and other fun activities keep many in Clarksville in excellent condition. You won’t see much saving on healthcare here, but at least you won’t be paying a lot more either.

Cost of Living in Clarksville, TN Breakdown

Utilities in Clarksville are About Average

One of the highest costs most families have is utilities. Gas, electricity, water, and garbage costs can add up quickly. Of course, being in the south, we don’t have a lot of winter cold. You’ll definitely save on gas or electricity from not needing to heat your home as much. On the other hand, it gets H O T hot here in summer! The AC will be humming for at least five months, which can add a lot to any family’s electric bill. Still, at 100.3/100, Clarksville’s utility costs aren’t ridiculous. We pay about the same as the average household around the United States.

Transportation Costs Are Affordable

One of the nice things about the cost of living in Clarksville is that the traffic here is Margaret at best. The average one-way commute takes approximately 23 minutes, slightly shorter than the US average of 27 minutes. That’s likely one reason why transportation costs are 83.4/100, which is certainly affordable. 83.4 is also less than the Tennessee average of 90.2/100, so that’s a bonus. Of course, if you don’t commute or you’re retired, your transportation costs will be much less. (Plus, you’ll avoid our pesky but not too ridiculous rush-hour traffic!)

Cost of Groceries in Clarksville is Affordable

Groceries are one cost of living that most people can’t avoid. While Clarksville won’t win any ‘cheapest grocery’ awards, we’re not bad. We rank 96.4/100, so slightly less than the average around America. We also have access to a wide variety of local produce in Clarksville to keep grocery costs down. (Local-grown is almost always cheaper than imported.) If you have a big family, feeding them in Clarksville won’t break your budget.

Cost of Living in Clarksville, TN Breakdown

Miscellaneous Expenses Here Are Average

Many expenses fall under the ‘miscellaneous’ tag. While you won’t save a bundle on them in Clarksville, at 95.3/100, you won’t spend a lot extra, either. (The Tennessee average for miscellaneous expenses is almost equal to ours in Clarksville at 95/100.) As with any cost, miscellaneous expenses can add up fast. Here in Clarksville, you won’t pay more (or much less) than most Americans living elsewhere.

And there you have them, all of the most significant indexes for the cost of living in Clarksville, TN. As you can see, we’re an affordable town, with housing prices that are well below the national average. If you’re moving to lovely Clarksville, you’ll pay less overall for living here than the average American spends in other cities. That’s great news, no matter how large or small your family happens to be.

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