Detroit Neighborhood Guide (Plus a Cost of Living Breakdown)

So you’re moving to Detroit? You probably already know that the museums, music festivals, and world-class food scene are just some of the things to experience in the Motor City. But what about the neighborhoods? With over 200 inviting residential areas to choose from, it’s hard to pick a place to call home in this diverse city. iStorage has 24 locations in the Detroit area, so no matter where you decide to settle down your excess items will be in good hands.

detroit A Guide to the Best Neighborhoods

In this article, we’ll explore all that the nicest Detroit neighborhoods have to offer, the average home prices according to Zillow’s home value index tool, and we’ll break down the cost of living. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our Ultimate Detroit Moving Guide (Plus a Cost of Living Breakdown). 

#1- Elmwood Park

Avg. Home Price: ~  $256,000

Situated right on the waterfront, Elmwood Park is one of the more historic parts of Detroit. Some of the words used to describe Elmwood Park are “impressive” and ”accessible”. It’s so close to Downtown Detroit that getting there takes only a few short minutes.  One of the safer areas of Detroit, you’ll be very close to practically anything you need. Dining, entertainment, work, clubs, you name it! Elmwood Park was also revitalized over the last decade and it shows. If you’re a young couple, a professional, or a swinging single you’ll love it here!

#2- Boston Edison

Avg. Home Price: ~ $223,000

Boasting one of the biggest historic districts in the country, Boston Edison offers some of the most beautiful homes in Detroit. There are many amenities close by including some lovely parks. Real estate experts point to Boston Edison as one of the best areas to invest in all Detroit. One thing to keep in mind is that the neighborhood is very small. That might be a wonderful feature for you or it might not, depending on your needs. One thing’s for sure, though, this is one beautiful community.

Suburban area near Detroit - Michigan, United States

#3- Eastern Market

Avg. Home Price: ~ $313,000

The epicenter of the downtown area, Eastern Market is a true gem! This neighborhood in Detroit offers a rare combination of big city living with small-town amenities and comfort. Plus, if fresh local produce and artisanal offerings make you smile, you’ll be smiling here a lot! Folks come from all over for fresh produce, flowers, fresh meat, and bread. Also, to experience a true sense of community that’s very difficult to find no matter where you live. There’s always a lot going on in Eastern Market, no doubt, and the air always feels electric. Retirees will love it for the amenities and safety, but young families will enjoy it as much or more!

Architectural details in Detroit, Michigan

#4- Rivertown

Avg. Home Price: ~$269,000

If living right on the water floats your proverbial boat, Rivertown might be a perfect neighborhood in Detroit for you. There aren’t a lot of single-family homes here, which is to you can expect in this part of the city. If nightlife, restaurants, and clubs are what you desire, you’ll love it! This is city living at its best, with all the amenities you could hope for. It’s also a safe area, although it’s very busy throughout the year and always exciting. The views here are some of the best in Detroit too, especially in Spring and Summer! We recommend Rivertown for young singles, couples without kids, or retirees who want to be in the thick of things! Keep in mind that if you want a backyard you’ll have better luck in some other areas of Detroit.

#5- Brush Park

Avg. Home Price: ~$405,000

A Detroit classic located close to downtown, Brush Park combines classic styles with a fresh, new vibe. There’s a very Victorian influence here, architecture-wise, but also a lot of new and beautiful condominiums. The tree-lined streets are truly a sight to see with homes dating back to the French Renaissance era. If you love fantastic food Brush Park is in the center of the Motor City’s foodie culture! For families with teenagers about to enter college, Wayne State University is near by. It’s considered a very high-quality college that’s also very affordable and provides good value for the investment.

Classic American house in Michigan,USA., Beautiful Houses in suburb Michigan

#6- Corktown

Avg. Home Price: ~$239,000

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Detroit, Corktown used to be the location of the old Tigers Stadium. It has a rich history and is very close to downtown Detroit, making it an ideal commute. Local real estate agents will tell you that it’s got the most potential of all the neighborhoods in the Motor City. The housing prices are extremely affordable and many of the homes are gorgeous, with big lots and classic styling. Corktown offers many local amenities also and, if you want to use public transportation, there’s plenty of that as well.

#7- Downtown

Avg. Home Price: ~ $350,000

Most everyone that lives here will tell you they love walking around Downtown and that it’s the heart of Detroit. In the last couple of years, many new shops and restaurants have opened. It’s also very close to Eastern Market if you love fresh produce and locally sourced products. There are numerous young professionals here too, many of whom work for Quicken Loans as mortgage brokers. Belle Isle State Park is also nearby, offering a wonderful green space when you need some fresh air. With all the amenities of big city living and a safe, inviting vibe, Downtown is one of the most livable Detroit neighborhoods.

#8- Woodbridge

Avg. Home Price: ~ $287,000

With a dense, urban feel and a variety of delightful places to relax, Woodbridge is one of Detroit’s best communities. This is a neighborhood flush with young professionals due to the wide variety of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. There are lots of parks for relaxing, dog walking and enjoying city life. Many Top 10 lists will tell you that Woodbridge is the #1 neighborhood in all of Detroit. We’d have to agree with them just based on the atmosphere alone! We recommend putting Woodbridge near the top of your list of neighborhoods in Detroit to live and work.

An empty street through an old Detroit city neighborhood with downtown buildings in the background

#9- Lafayette Park

Avg. Home Price: ~ $165,000

Lafayette Park is, in a word, lovely. This revitalized neighborhood offers wonderful amenities including cycling paths, cafes, and shaded lawns. If you’re a big fan of wine, the Detroit Vineyards are nearby, one of the few urban wineries in the country. Biking around the Dequindre Cut Greenway is a delight for the whole family, and the soul food is delicious! You’ll find a variety of postwar modernist homes in Lafayette Park and high-rises designed by famed architect Mies Van der Rohe. Indeed, Lafayette Park is the Mies Van der Rohe Residential District.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Detroit is 13.4% lower than the national average, while the housing costs are almost 30% lower. That’s a pretty significant cushion for your finances! Here’s a quick breakdown of the average cost of common items that contribute to cost of living. 


  • The medium home price in all neighborhoods in Detroit is just $53,700, while the average rent of a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Detroit is $1,139. 


  • The average phone bill costs $182.47 per month, the average energy bill is $171.18 per month.


  • Gas, at the time of writing this article, is $2.90 per gallon and a bus ticket is $1.50. 


  • A loaf of bread is $3.21, a dozen eggs are $1.07, and a gallon of milk is $1.27.


  • A movie ticket is $11.09, a yoga class is $19.60, and a 6-pack of Heineken beer is $8.15

Storing Your Things In Detroit

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