Father’s Day Gifts 2021: The Best Gift Guide

As Father’s Day 2021 approaches, millions of Americans are searching for something nice for their dad. And why not? Most dads are great guys who deserve a little extra attention and TLC! Getting Father’s Day Gifts 2021 is the least we can do for them! 

If you’re stuck for what to get your dear old dad, iStorage is here to help! Below we’ve got some excellent father’s day gift ideas to share with you! If getting your pops, dad, papa, or old man a nice gift for Father’s Day is your goal, read on!

father's day gifts 2021

How To Figure Out What Your Dad Likes

When getting a gift for your dad, it helps to know what they like most and their favorite hobbies. Do they like working on their antique car or motorcycle? Do they enjoy boating and fishing? What about games? Do they enjoy poker or another card game, or video games? Maybe your dad likes putting together large, challenging Lego sets? 

Whatever they enjoy most, a gift that goes with that activity works excellent! Of course, you can always ask your mom, too. (She usually knows what dad likes the most.) In any case, before making a purchase, make sure you know what your dad enjoys the most. That way, the gift you give will give them both short and long-term pleasure.

What To Get Your Dad For Father’s Day 2021

Not knowing your dad, it’s difficult for us to suggest their Father’s Day gift. That being said, below are a few excellent suggestions and tips to make your choice easier. They will make Father’s day gift ideas 2021 much easier to find.

Exercise Gear is a Perfect Father’s Day Gift

If your dear old dad is big into exercising, by type of gear that fits his chosen sport works well. A new bike helmet, for example, or new pair of biking shorts. How about a set of kettlebells or a foam roller for his back? Some new lifting gloves work great too, or a new water bottle for staying hydrated. If it’s something dad can use while staying in shape, he’s sure to love it!

Boating and Fishing Gear as a Father’s Day Gift

Does your dad love to spend time on his boat or at the beach fishing? If yes, he would much appreciate any boating or fishing gear; we’re sure! A new fishing pole or reel would be a great choice! Some new waders for river or beach fishing would be a welcome gift, too. Like a GPS, lifejackets, or a new gaff hook, something new for his boat would be fantastic. 

father's day gifts 2021

Father’s Day Gift 2021: Something Nice to Wear

Most dads like to look good when they go to work or go out of the house. If you want to help, buying him something nice to wear when he does work best. (Clothing is one of the best father’s day gift ideas 2021!) A new tie, sure, but there are plenty of other clothing items too, including:

  • A new Belt.
  • A few pairs of Socks.
  • A hat or ball cap.
  • A nice Sweater. (Something light since Summer is coming.)
  • Gloves in winter, or riding gloves for his bicycle or motorcycle.
  • A lovely dress or casual shirt.

Parts for their Antique Car, Boat, or Motorcycle

Many fathers love working on antique vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and more. If that’s your dad, buying a part he needs is one of the best Father day gift ideas for 2021! That way, you’ll save them time and stress searching for that part. Or you can get them a tool that will help in their restoration efforts. Trust us; if your dad loves his vehicle, this will be a much-appreciated gift.

Monogrammed Mug For Father’s Day 2021

Busy, athletic dads (and even those who are couch potatoes) need to stay hydrated. The easiest way to do that is if they have a water bottle handy at all times. There are plenty on the market to choose from, that’s for sure. Insulated, large, with metal straws, etc. Once you pick one, have it monogrammed from your pops. That way, every time he takes a sip, he’ll think of you! 

Bottle of His Fave Adult Beverage

If you’re 21 or older, buying dad a bottle for Father’s Day is a great gift! Make sure to check which types and flavors he likes best, then goes for it! (If you’re lucky, he’ll share some with you!)

father's day gifts 2021

If Your Dad Stores… His Mancave

If your dad stores his mancave it’s probably because he’s the kind of guy who likes to chill and have his own space. What kind of gift can you get a man like this? How about a mini fridge that he can put in his mancave once he gets it put back together? What man doesn’t enjoy having a cold beer or soda within arm’s reach while watching the game?

Your Dad Will Appreciate Anything You Get Him

Alright, we know this is a little sappy, but work with us here. If you’re struggling to pick out the perfect gift for your dad, why not give him the gift of your company? Spending time with your dad is a great way to learn tons about him. Try taking him out for breakfast and spend the day with him reorganizing his storage unit. Show an interest in what he enjoys, and you’re sure to make his day. Father’s Day is a day for you to show your dad how much he means to you.