How to Organize Your Artwork

From oil on canvas to intricately carved statues, artwork plays an essential role in giving your home plenty of personality. But if you own a lot of artwork and you’re running short on space, how do you keep your treasured works of art organized? There are plenty of things you can do to get creative with your art to free up space and make a tidy home. Read on to learn a few helpful tips on how to organize artwork.

Try a Gallery Wall

how to organize artwork using a gallery wall

If you own a lot of prints and paintings, a

is a great way to show them off. Rather than simply hanging one piece in one place, a gallery wall allows you to hang several all together and is a unique way to organize artwork. You can mix and match sizes, shapes, and themes for your gallery wall. This option looks fantastic when it’s hung along a stairway. It’s also beautiful as a main focal point in the living room or in your bedroom. The fun thing about gallery walls is that they’re completely interchangeable. If you get tired of a certain piece of art, you can simply swap them out while still keeping everything hung together in a central location in your home. Simply keep the unused pieces in a storage unit, and you can have a fresh look for every season.

Add Shelving

woman installing floating shelf when thinking about how to organize artwork

How to organize artwork without making things feel cluttered? Art is beautiful, but sometimes it can create a feeling of clutter. In order to combat this, install wall shelves that give you space to display a variety of statues and prints. Vertical storage offers you a way to go up and it frees up floor space when you install shelves on the wall. Instead of just placing sculptures on the floor, use the shelving to create a stylish grouping of several together. Another option is to use bookshelves for artwork. The addition of shelves provides excess display space for anything, not just artwork. Mix and match your favorite pieces of art with books to keep everything together and organized.

Keep Track of Your Art

people carrying canvas art

Owning original artwork means that you have something of value. To keep your pieces organized, you should catalog them so you know exactly what you have. Take photographs of your artwork and include information like the name of the piece and the artist’s name. When you catalog your art, it’s much easier to know what you have in case of theft and for insurance purposes, too. This process is also recommended if you plan on moving. Once you’ve relocated, you’ll know exactly which items you have and where you want them to go in your new home. By tracking every work of art you own, you’ll have a comprehensive personal catalog that will help you keep track of how to organize artwork.

How to Organize Kid’s Artwork

girl playing with fingerpaints

If you have children, you know how sentimental their artwork is. Over time, the fridge can become cluttered with finger paintings and drawings. How to preserve this precious art and organize it? Create an art book that compiles everything together. Just like a scrapbook, a kid’s art book is a wonderful way to preserve those memories forever while keeping them organized. When you create the book, organize it by their age in order of youngest to oldest. The artbook will become something the entire family can cherish as time goes by.