How to Setup a Game Room

How to Setup a Game Room

Whether you’re a middle-aged adult or a budding teenager, playing games is an activity that everyone enjoys. If you’ve got some extra space in your home, you can create your very own game room in a few easy steps. From video games to arcade-sized toys, it’s easy and fun to make a special spot where the entire family can have a blast. This helpful guide offers a few simple game room solutions so you can create an awesome place to play.

Focus on the Furniture

game room feature foosball table

Since a game room is a casual place, fill it with comfy furniture pieces. For kid’s game rooms, throw in a few colorful bean bag chairs where they can sit back and play video games. A comfortable couch is a must-have for any game room, but you don’t need to buy anything expensive or ultra-stylish. As long as the furniture is comfortable and durable, it’s a great fit for a game room area. If your game room is geared more toward adult entertainment, consider a tall pub table and matching bar stools. If new furniture is slightly out of your budget, check out estate, garage, and moving soon sales for some good cheap furniture.

Have Fun with Décor

kindergarten playroom with slide bright colors

You can do almost anything you want with your game room, so make it fun. If it’s for small children, bright colors and fun toys everywhere. For older kids, hang a few framed posters in the room for a cool touch. The posters can be video game-related, or they can be from some of your favorite movies, music stars, or other pop culture references. Mirrors are a great piece of décor to add to a pool room or a place where you plan to play a few games of darts and have some beers with friends. Hang wall-mounted shelving to store video games, DVDs, and remote controls. This will keep everything off the floor and easy to find whenever you need it.

Go All Out with Arcade Cabinets

row of defunct unbranded game cabinets

If you have some awesome arcade cabinets, your game room will need to be pretty large. In order to set up a game room like this, you’ll need to make sure there’s plenty of space along with power sources so you can plug the arcade machines into the wall. Keep in mind that arcades are typically taller and wider than the average person, so measure the room carefully before you set things up. Once the room is ready to go, bring in the furniture and décor to finish the look and feel of the space.

Easy Game Room Solutions

cartoon awesome speakers in living room

Once you’ve decided to set up your game room, try these other helpful game room solutions to make the space inviting:

  • Add soft area rugs to the floor along with comfy throw pillows to make the room relaxing and comfortable.
  • Make sure the lighting in the room is bright enough so everyone can see clearly while they play.
  • Bring in a stereo system or Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy a little music while you hang out in the game room.
  • Buy a few board games and card games and keep them in a cabinet so people can play those whenever they want to have a little fun.
  • Consider bringing in a mini-fridge so you have a place to keep drinks cold without having to venture out into the kitchen.