How to Store Belts Correctly

how to store belts

Dressing for success means purchasing belts to match all your different clothing choices. And no matter the job, or the person, a belt is an important accessory. Thin, sleek, wide, or chunky, storing your belts correctly is essential. As a result, they will serve you well for many years and look great in the process.

We’ve got all the facts for you if you’re wondering how to store belts! If you’ve got a bunch of beautiful, bold belts you need to store, read on to find out more!

Tip: The Best Way to Store Belts is to Hang Them

The good news about storing belts at home is that it’s super easy and convenient. You no doubt have some regular hangers in your closet, which, as with clothing, make hanging belts a breeze. First, slip the buckle of the metal hook. Then you can store a specific belt with a specific outfit on the same hanger.

The biggest drawback to using hangers to store belts? Finding them in your crowded closet when you’re pressed for time. However, you can buy specialized hangers with multiple hooks that are perfect for belt storage. Storing all your belts together with one of these hangers makes them easier to locate.

how to store belts

Tip: Over-Door Hanging Hooks

If you don’t want to make any holes in your walls, use hooks made to hang over a door. There are door hanger products with several hooks to hang a bunch of belts, too. They’re easy to use, won’t make any holes, and don’t cost a lot. Plus, on the back of the door, belts will be out of the way but not lost in your closet.

Tip: Use Wall-Mounted Hooks to Hang your Belts

If you’re not worried about making holes in the wall, using wall-mounted hooks for your belts is a great solution. You can also buy many different wall-mounted hooks you can use, that’s for sure. Single or multiple, you can put them almost anywhere. That includes inside your closet, which is the best suggestion. If you like seeing your belts, though, hooks near the closet work well. You can even place them in an attractive pattern and make funky wall decorations with your belts!

Tip: Roll Your Belts and Store them in a Drawer

Rolling belts for storage works well if you’re low on closet space or want to choose one quickly. You don’t need anything special, either. Although there are storage containers made for rolled belts if you like. Leather experts recommend you don’t roll your belts too tightly, though, as it can damage the leather or other belt fabric.

how to store belts

Tip: Use Curtain Rod Rings to Hang your Belts in a Closet

Shower curtain rods are the same as closet rods. This fact makes using curtain rod rings a viable solution for storing your various belts. You’ll need the type of ring that opens and clasps shut, which you can find at various big-box retailers. You can hang 2 or 3 belts from each if you like, which will save even more space! Some curtain rod rings even have small clips on their ends. Use them to clip your belt buckle rather than having to open the ring every time you want a belt. (Trust us, those extra few seconds can be crucial if you’re running late!)

Tip: Hang Your Belts in a Wardrobe Box when you Store Your Stuff

If you’re moving and putting all your things in storage, we recommend purchasing some wardrobe boxes. Use them to quickly and easily store your belts and other clothes in storage. Just like in your closet at home, wardrobe boxes have a bar on top for hangers. They’re easy, convenient, and super strong, too.

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