How to Store Outdoor Solar Lights for the Winter

Solar-powered lights are LIT. But, like literally lit. They don’t use electricity from the grid, last for years, and look awesome. There’s only one problem; in the winter, when there’s less sunlight, they don’t work quite as well as in summer. That’s why knowing how to store outdoor solar lights in winter is a must.

If you have solar lights you’d like to store but don’t know how to do it, we’ve got your answers! How To Store Outdoor Solar Lights for the Winter is jam-packed full of the best! So if the sun’s going on vacation and you need to store your solar lights, read on!

When you’ve properly packed them, don’t forget to get an iStorage unit so you can be sure they’re safe and sound.

Make Sure the Solar Light is in the “Off’ Position Before Storing

This seems like a no-brainer, but many people forget. If you leave a solar-powered light switched on, it can reduce its lifespan significantly. The batteries will get drained, and the light may get damaged also. To avoid this, make sure every outdoor solar light is in the ‘off’ position.

Store Your Solar Lights Somewhere Very Dry

They made solar lights from materials like metals, that can corrode and rust. For this reason, storing them in a cool, very dry place is vital. The basement, for example, is probably not the best choice for storing your solar lights. Neither is outdoors in a shed or storage shack. If you have space, your garage is a good choice, as is the attic if it’s well-insulated.

Wrap Glass Lamp Heads in Bubble Wrap or Packing Paper

The lamp heads on many solar lights contain glass, which is very fragile. It’s recommended that you wrap them in either bubble wrap or packing paper and then put them in a cardboard box. You can also use spare blankets. All of these options will prevent the glass from breaking or cracking while stored.

Remove the Batteries from Your Outdoor Solar Lights for the Winter

This is imperative. If your solar lights have batteries, and most do, you should remove them for storage. Leaving them in increases the risk of corrosion that can damage and even destroy your solar lights. Once you remove them, wrap the batteries in some packing paper and pack them with the glass lamp heads. That way, when you put them outside again next season, you’ll have everything handy.

Remove The Entire Solar Light Device from the Ground

Some solar lights go in the ground around walkways and pathways. For those, we highly recommend removing them entirely so that they don’t get damaged by winter weather. Also, snowblowers, shovels, and other tools could damage them. That’s especially true if they’re covered with snow, and you can’t see them. In short, taking solar lights out of the ground is the best way to store them in winter.

Purchase Waterproof Solar Lights

This isn’t about storing solar lights, per se, but about which lights to purchase. Some solar lights are waterproof, and we recommend purchasing those. Unless you live somewhere extremely arid where it never rains, your solar lights will get wet. When they do, the moisture could leak inside and cause your lights to stop working. As for storage, we highly recommend letting your solar lights dry completely before storing them. That way, excess moisture won’t corrode, damage or rust any metal parts.

Store Solar Lights Where they Can Get Some Sunlight

Typically, the batteries in solar lights need a small amount of sunlight every day. It helps them to maintain a charge during storage, which will lead to a longer lifespan. For example, if you store them in a closet, take them out once a month to let them get some light. If you keep them in a storage unit, do the same thing. It’s a little bit of extra effort but will help your solar lights last much longer.

Definitely Store Decorative Solar Lights Indoors

Mini solar lights are exceptionally durable. Those are probably fine outdoors for the winter. However, decorative solar lights are lightweight and fragile. These glass and materials aren’t made to handle frigid weather, ice, and snow. You can leave durable solar lights outside but bring the decorative solar lights indoors for storage. (Follow the same tips as above when you do.)

If You Have Many Solar Lights to Store, Consider a Storage Unit

Some folks have dozens of solar lights around their home, which is lovely. They add a beautiful ambiance from spring through fall and, sometimes, even in winter. If you’re storing quite a few, though, you might not have enough room at home. That’s when a storage unit will come in handy. Clean, safe, and dry, a storage unit will keep your solar lights in great shape until the next season starts.

how to store solar lights for the winter

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Outdoor solar lights, as we mentioned above, are lit, and if you haven’t heard, we always keep it lit (aka 24/7 lighting in our units). Storing them, especially with iStorage, will make sure they last for many years. Until then, best of luck storing yours. Hopefully, winter will be over soon, and you’ll be able to enjoy their lovely light once more!