Interesting Things to Do in Alcoa, Tennessee

Alcoa is one of the loveliest cities in Tennessee. It’s also right next door to Knoxville, TN, one of the state’s top cities (so there’s plenty of good restaurants in Alcoa, Tn, too!). If you’re moving to this charming town, you might be wondering what there is to do in Alcoa, Tennessee. What type of nightlife does Alcoa offer, for example, and what activities are there for the kids to enjoy? If you’ve got these questions and others, read on. We’ve got the most fun, exciting and interesting things to do in Alcoa, Tennesse, below!

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Things to Do in Alcoa

Do Mountainous Things in Alcoa, TN!

Alcoa is comfortably nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, one of America’s most magnificent ranges. Indeed, you can easily see most of the range from the Alcoa Highway, and the sunsets are beautiful on the Maryville-Alcoa Greenway.

Coming down out of the mountains is the Little River, which passes through the eastern section of town. It empties shortly after into the Tennessee River on its way to the Ohio River. If marveling at magnificent mountains makes you happy, Alcoa will surely put a smile on your face.

Things to Do in Alcoa, Tennessee

Other Nature-y Things to Do in Alcoa, TN

You might think living near an old aluminum factory that’s not being used anymore would be unappealing. The fact is, though, Alcoa’s company’s founders were very forward-thinking. They considered public parks essential for residents of Alcoa to live healthy lives. For that reason, Alcoa (the company) set aside an entire acre of land for every 100 inhabitants. They even put their own people to work, building and main maintaining the parks!

Today, residents of Alco (the city) benefit from all of these beautiful, well-planned green spaces. There are more today also, like the Maryville-Alcoa Greenway that connects several parks together. In other words, if enjoying the outdoors is something you enjoy, Alcoa will be a dream.

Many folks who live here like to hike, camp, bike, fish, and more. Many that do rent Alcoa storage units to store all of their outdoor adventure gear. Safe, clean and secure, storage units near Alcoa, TN, are also affordable and convenient.

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Market Square is Exciting and Lively

One excellent reason to live in Alcoa, TN, is that Knoxville is right next door. That’s where you’ll find Market Square, a charming part of the city known for great restaurants in Alcoa, TN, and street artists. Market Square is also the home of several 19th-century buildings as well as the Museum of East Tennessee History. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family, enjoying the excellent shops and delicious eateries. Indeed, it’s one of the best things to do in Alcoa, Tennessee! (Or, technically, near Alcoa.)

Get Back to Nature at Cades Cove

As we mentioned earlier, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most visited in the United States. Inside the park, though, Cades Cove is the most visited area. Historic buildings abound in Cades Cove, including churches, a grist mill, and cabins. More exciting, however, are the whitetail deer, turkeys, and (occasional) black bears you’ll spot. You can walk through this fantastic green space or, even better, bring your bicycle. (There’s a loop that goes around the entire area.)

Things to Do in Alcoa, Tennessee restaurants in alcoa tn

Marble Springs Brings History to Life

A state historic site in Alcoa, Marble Springs, is also known as Governor John Sevier Home. It seems Mr. Sevier was a commander during the Revolutionary War. He was also the first Governor of Tennessee from 1970 until he passed away in 1815. Not only is this particular house here but several others. They form a typical ‘pioneer farm’ that’s open to the public. It’s a fantastic way to see some outdoor beauty (the 36-acre site is gorgeous) and learn some history, too!

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If you were wondering which park in the United States is the most visited, you’ve found it! The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is world-renowned for its incredible diversity of animal and plant life — it’s one of the most fun things to do in Alcoa, Tennessee. The ancient mountain range itself is simply unbelievable and offers abundant beauty at every turn. You’ll also find flowers in bloom almost all year. Black bears are abundant here also (but best left unbothered), and the synchronous fireflies are a sight to be seen.

Things to Do in Alcoa, Tennessee restaurants in alcoa tn

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to do and see in this lovely part of Tennessee, no doubt. While Alcoa might be a little on the monotonous side (sometimes), Knoxville is a happening city that’s minutes away! It offers a bit more nightlife and entertainment, plus excellent restaurants and bars super close to Alcoa, TN.

All of us here at iStorage love Alcoa because of the abundant and outstanding green spaces here. If you’ve just arrived in town and need an Alcoa storage unit, we have several self-storage facilities nearby. Like all iStorage centers, they’re clean, safe, and secure. Also, you can store practically anything. That includes household goods, farm equipment, supplies, outdoor adventure gear, and much more.

Have questions? Please chat with us online at any time or reserve your Alkco storage unit. Even better, visit one of our self-storage locations and say hello. The on-site manager will be happy to answer your questions and show you some Alcoa storage units! Until then, we wish you all the best with your move to Alcoa, TN! We know you’re going to love living and working here because we do too!

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