9 Storage Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

Neat bedroom showing great organization

Keeping your bedroom (or multiple bedrooms) clean, tidy, and organized is no small feat. Most people spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, especially children and teenagers. After a while, if you don’t have a plan or system in place, stuff starts to pile up. To prevent the inevitable mess, we’ve got 9 bedroom storage ideas to keep your bedroom(s) looking tidy so you can ensure your bedroom always looks inviting and organized!

Idea #1. Donate or Toss

One problem many folks have is they hang on to everything, even if they don’t need, want, or use things. When you keep everything, you’ll run out of storage space, and be more prone to a mess. That’s why it’s important to donate things you don’t want or use and toss things that are junk. Your local Goodwill will gladly take gently used clothing, toys, linens, and more. You can also give items to neighbors, friends, or family members who may want it. If you don’t need it, want it, or use it, donate it or toss it.

Idea #2. Take Advantage of Space Under the Bed(s)

The floor space under your bed holds a treasure trove of storage space, especially in a small bedroom. One idea to take advantage of that space is to purchase long, shallow plastic bins. You can fill them up and then slide them under the bed. (Some storage bins even have wheels to make it easier!) In small spaces like a bedroom, space under the bed is perfect for clothing, toys, books, linens, and more!

Idea #3. Use a Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack 

One reason many bedrooms are so messy is an overabundance of clothing, especially hanging clothes. This problem is often exaggerated due to small closets. An excellent solution is a wall-mounted clothing rack. Ikea sells several types that basically act like an extra closet. (Some even have covers to make everything look even tidier.) If you use this idea, remember to get plenty of extra hangers!

Idea #4. Take Advantage of Bedroom Furniture 

Does your bed have a headboard? A headboard with built-in storage solutions is an excellent idea. You can say the same for your bedside table (and most bedrooms have 2 of those). Every piece of bedroom furniture should be seen as an extra storage opportunity. You can even use your bed frame to hang things like extra blankets.

Idea #5. Get a Bookcase or Two 

Bookcases are one of humankind’s best inventions because they allow you to better utilize your wall space! You can store all sorts of stuff in a bookcase, including books, clothes, toys, linens, and collectibles. Even better, bookcases don’t take up a lot of space because they’re shallow. You could have two or three bookcases and keep your bedroom tidy! One caveat; make sure to attach all bookcases firmly to the wall. If they fall over accidentally, a bookcase can seriously hurt someone, including you!

Idea #6. Use a Storage Bench

One of the best types of furniture is the kind that has multiple uses. A storage bench is one such item. You can sit on it or place pillows or other decorative items on it. Inside, you can store all sorts of bedroom objects, especially linens and pillows. Ikea and other big box retailers sell many different types of storage benches. You could also scour your local yard sales and find one to fix as a DIY project!

Idea #7. Declutter your Bedroom Often

One thing that can lead to an untidy bedroom is letting it go for weeks and months without decluttering. Inevitably, as the days and weeks pass, your bedroom will turn into a giant mess! That’s why it pays to declutter regularly. For example, you could take 15 minutes a week to declutter, straighten and clean your bedroom. In 15 minutes, you could save yourself hours of work, and your bedroom will always look tidy and uncluttered!

Idea #8. Place Storage Hooks on Doors and Paneling

Storage hooks are a fantastic way to declutter your bedroom. You can place storage hooks on doors, in paneling, inside closets, and practically anywhere! Then, use them to hang clothes, purses, toys, belts, ties, whatever! Storage hooks are cheap, come in a wide variety, and are easy to mount. Some are easy to remove if you change your mind or want to reorganize. 

Idea #9. Remove Closet Doors

This idea might seem radical but removing closet doors is sometimes an excellent bedroom storage idea. That’s especially true if the closet is big but shallow. Removing the door(s) will open up your bedroom substantially and make it feel more spacious. You could place a small vanity inside, too, with a mirror. You could also add additional bars and hang clothes on 2 different levels.

Final Thoughts

Small bedrooms with minimal storage space demand practical storage solutions. Whether using built-ins, floor space, or bedroom furniture, there are many clever ways to save space. To find a bookcase, clothing rack, bedside table, or more hangers, check out Ikea. Bedroom furniture with storage space is a must when you want to declutter, as well as a nice storage bench. Also, be sure to utilize all your wall space and any DIY solutions you find.

If you’re out of storage space, iStorage can help. We have clean, safe storage units in many different sizes. They’re spacious and secure and make decluttering your bedroom a breeze. (Decluttering any room in your home, for that matter.) Click here to find the address and phone number of the iStorage facility near you! Best of luck with all the bedroom storage ideas we’ve presented today!