How Much Money Should You Save Before Moving?

Moving takes time and effort. It’s a whole process that has the potential to stress you out. It’s easy to forget that, on top of it all, it also costs money. So, how much money should you save before moving?

  • If you’re moving without movers, save up 60% of your monthly pay — so, if you make $3,000/month, save up $2,000 (to cover your deposit and first month’s rent).
  • If you’re moving with movers, save double that to cover moving costs, any potential replacements of broken items, etc. in addition to your deposit and first month’s rent.

Sounds high, right? Well, check out ways to save on moving costs below!

Here are 7 Ways to Save Money on Moving Costs

1. If It’s Cheaper to Replace It, Don’t Bother Moving It

Every item you own costs real money to move. If it costs you less to replace that item, then just sell the old one or donate it and purchase new. Make sure you have saved money for this process before moving. Be aware though that a large number of moving companies will charge you for a minimum weight that usually revolves around 4000 lbs. If your carefully chosen belongings don’t weigh that much, throw more items in there and make the most of your dollars.

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2. Get Rid of The Items You Don’t Want or Need

The cost of moving something is, on average, 75 cents per pound. The more stuff you want to move, the more it’ll cost you. Now might be a good time to grab a pen and cross some items off that long list you’ve been making. After all, less is more. You can always give those things to charity or hold a garage sale.

3. Don’t Buy Boxes

Why pay for something that you can get for free? You can check moving boxes off your list when saving money before moving. You can find sturdy, empty boxes almost anywhere, especially if you work in an office. Printer-paper boxes are the best. You could also ask friends who moved recently or post a request on social media.

People are trying to get rid of used boxes all the time. Check Craigslist Free section and Freecycle or just look around your neighborhood on garbage day. You can also give liquor stores a try. Containers that hold glass bottles are among the strongest.

4. Consider Moving Items in Storage

Your new home can do without the clutter. If you have items you’d like to keep but also keep away from your new place, search for a self-storage facility close by. If you move them into storage yourself, you’ll save on the moving costs.

moving costs a lot of money. how much should you save before moving?

5. Wait for The Movers With Everything Packed Already

Movers get paid by the hour. If you don’t want them to hang around on your dime while you’re still putting stuff inside boxes, you’d better be ready before they knock on your door. Without any delays, you’ll be able to finish the move quicker and cheaper. When considering how much money to save before moving, make sure you make it easy for movers to grab and go when you’re packing.

6. Label All of Your Boxes in Bold Print

Remember how movers get paid by the hour? Well just imagine them coming to you for each and every box that you want to be moved into your new home, asking where to place it and if it’s fragile or not. Let’s not turn this scenario into reality. Grab a black marker and write the content and destination of the box in big, bold letters.

7. Consider Deductions

You might be able to deduct moving expenses so keep track of each and every one of them. You can ask your accountant and check IRS rules. You can also find out more about it on the TurboTax website. Just because you need to save money before moving doesn’t mean it’s gone forever!

Moving might take a lot out of you, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Not if you follow the seven steps above.