Moving From Houston to Austin: Essential Information

Moving from Houston to Austin

Austin, TX is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US right now. So if you’re thinking of moving from Houston to Austin, we have all the information you’ll need.
Houston, TX, is a unique, exciting city; there’s no denying that. But, it does suffer from the typical problems big cities usually see. They include higher crime rates, heavier traffic, and a higher cost of living. That’s part of the reason so many people are moving from Houston to Austin right now. Plus, Austin has a few other perks too: no hurricanes and fun nightlife, yes, please!

If you’re wondering how far is Austin from Houston, we can tell you! It’s 165 miles and about 3 to 4 hours away by car. A short drive away, the cities have many differences. Austin is famous for its live music scene, liberal culture, and art scene. Austin is also a famously chill city!

If you’ve decided to move from Houston to Austin, good choice! Now your biggest challenge is to make your moving experience stress-free and successful. To help you, iStorage compiled a list of the essential information you need when moving from Houston to Austin, TX. Read on to find out more and ensure you arrive safe and sound in your new Texas town!

Moving from Houston to Austin

Store Your Things in Houston First

Moving to Austin is a great idea, but it’s best to have a new place lined up before leaving Houston. We suggest storing your things in a storage unit in Houston once you sell your home. That way, you can travel to Austin and start looking for a new house or apartment. Some benefits to this strategy include:

  • You can move your furniture and belongings to and from your Houston storage unit on your own. This is an easy way to save money on moving expenses.
  • Your things will be safe and secure in your Houston self-storage unit. This gives you plenty of time to find your new home!
  • When you find your new home, you’ll be ready to move right away.
  • If you choose mover, they can load everything easily from your Houston storage unit. (Our storage facilities have extra-large front gates to allow moving trucks in)
  • You can wait until your home closes before contracting your movers. That way, you won’t have any delays when they arrive in Austin.
  • When your movers arrive in Austin, they can deliver your things directly to your new home.

What are the Benefits of Moving from Houston to Austin, TX?

We touched briefly on the differences between Houston and Austin, TX, but there are many more of them. You might know some, but here’s a list of all the amazing benefits of moving from Houston to Austin.

Austin is Safer than Houston

Both property crime and violent crime are lower in Austin than in Houston. No matter who you are, this is great news. If you want to go out at night and walk around downtown, you will feel very safe. Or, if you’re starting a family, you can breathe easy knowing your family is safe.

There are More Sunny Days per Year in Austin

Who doesn’t love more sunny days! This is a big plus for sun-worshippers and people who like to live outdoors.

The Lakes in Austin Offer Outdoor Relaxation

There are three major lakes in Austin that you can enjoy all year. (They were formed when portions of the Lower Colorado River were dammed years ago.) They include Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, and Lake Travis. All three lakes are perfect for boating, fishing, and swimming. Your summer can be full of fun activities to beat the Texas heat. Swimming and boating all summer? This makes us want to move from Houston to Austin!

Moving from Houston to Austin

Austin is More Diverse than Houston

The diversity of Austin, TX makes it a great place to call home. The city attracts people from many different cultures and ethnicities. The many different cultural and ethnic influences make the city a unique blend of communities. It also means you get to try delicious food from all around the world in one city. Austin, TX is also a very LGBTQ+ friendly city with tons of places to make friends and have fun!

Austin is a Healthy City

If you’ve ever thought, “I’m going to eat healthier this year”, Austin is the city for you! Here, you’ll find health food stores and restaurants on every corner. This makes it so much easier to find like-minded friends and to eat healthily. The city is also full of joggers and bicyclists out getting their daily exercise. Indeed, Austin is one of the healthiest cities in Texas. It’s perfect for fitness gurus and health food junkies alike.

Austin is Cleaner and Quieter than Houston

As a smaller city, it makes sense that Austin is quieter and cleaner than her big sister city, Houston. There’s less traffic, too, a boon for anyone who commutes to work each day. Moving from Houston to Austin is one great way to cut your commute time!

The Food Scene in Austin is Delicious and Inventive

If you love excellent barbecue or trying the latest unique food truck creations, Austin will be a delight! Street food is extremely popular here. More than in many other comparable cities. Downtown Austin is full of new and trendy restaurants

for you to try. In short, be sure to bring your appetite with you when you move from Houston to Austin, TX!

Moving from Houston to Austin

How to Move from Houston to Austin, TX, Step-by-Step

Moving to a new city is full of challenges, but we’ve put together a list to make it as easy as possible for you. Follow along and keep your stress levels low while you move. Here is our step-by-step guide.

  1. Sell your Houston home or end your lease.
  2. Contact several moving companies to get estimates. Depending on how much stuff you plan to move, you can rent a moving truck or drive your things in your car. Choose the best option for your family.
  3. Get organized!!! Start selling, tossing, or donating things you don’t want, need or use.
  4. Gather all your essential documents, paperwork, and files to keep with you when you move. For example marriage licenses, your children’s school transcripts, vehicle titles. You’ll want to keep your most important paperwork in a secure location so you have access to it if you need it.
  5. Pack! If you plan to pack yourself, start buying packing supplies and packing your things. You’ll need a lot of supplies, including packing paper, tape, boxes, bubble wrap, and more.
  6. Arrange your move-in date in Austin.
  7. Rent a storage unit in Houston, TX, if you don’t have a new Austin home yet.
  8. Load your truck and hit the road; you’re moving from Houston to Austin!

Final Thoughts

We hope today’s information has given you an idea of the benefits of moving from Houston to Austin, TX. At iStorage, we can help you store your things in Houston, TX, while searching for your new Austin home. Our Houston storage units are safe, clean, and secure. Even better, we only offer month-to-month leases so that you won’t get stuck in a long-term contract.

If you have questions about storing your things in a Houston storage unit, please chat with us online. You can also visit one of our three Houston, TX, self-storage locations and meet the on-site manager. They can provide a world of advice and information that will be very helpful indeed. Until then, best of luck moving from Houston to Austin, TX.