Moving to Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida. As a result, Jacksonville offers culture, cuisine, and an exciting lifestyle. Also, it’s one of the most affordable big cities in the Sunshine State. Are you moving to Jacksonville, Florida, sometime soon? If yes, you probably have questions about the amenities, attractions, and more. If so, we’ve got answers, advice, and helpful tips about Jacksonville below. Read on to discover everything about this inviting city on the sea in northeast Florida!

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Jacksonville, FL, is Hot, but Not Too Hot

In Florida, the sun plays a big part in the daily lives of everyone who lives here. Some cities, especially further south, see sweltering weather for a good part of the year. Jacksonville gets plenty of sunshine, of course, but as a northern Florida city, it’s not as hot as others. As we mentioned, Jacksonville gets about 220 days a year of sunshine (which is awesome). In addition, winter in Jacksonville is dreamy, with cool nights, warm days, and low humidity. In June, July, and August, the temps in Jacksonville, FL, don’t get too crazy. You can expect summer highs to be in the low 90s, which is pretty cool for Florida. After all, the sunshine and beaches are one of the best things about moving to Jacksonville, Florida.

The Public Schools in Jacksonville are Good

While we can’t say that the public school system in Jacksonville is stellar, it’s still pretty good. Overall, the city gets a B- which, as any student will tell you, is decent. The thing is, there are over 200 public schools in Jacksonville, so choosing the best neighborhood is essential. If you do, your kids will go to an A-rated school. For example, Stanton College Prep is the #6 Best Public High School in Florida. Also, Creekside High School is the #46 best in the Sunshine State. So you can find great schools in Jacksonville if you do your research.

Tip: Check out Niche to see the best schools in Jacksonville and where they’re located. That way, you’ll know which neighborhoods offer the best education for your little ones.

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Leave Your Winter Gear Behind when you Move to Jacksonville

If you currently call the northeast home, there’s a good chance you have winter gear. If you’re moving to Jacksonville, Florida, here’s a great piece of advice; leave that stuff behind. You won’t need your snowblower, for example, or your snow shovels. Winter boots, galoshes, parkas, scarves, and wool hats? You can give those to Goodwill because you’ll never need them here. Sure, if you plan to go snow-skiing or snowboarding again after moving to Jacksonville, keep that stuff. Besides that, the heaviest piece of clothing you’ll need in Jacksonville is a sweatshirt!

Jacksonville’s Cost of Living is Reasonable

The thing about living near the coast is that, in many cities, it’s ridiculously expensive. Now, we’re not saying that Jacksonville is super-cheap because it’s not. However, the city’s cost of living is reasonable for a coastal Florida town. The cost of living index, for example, is 94/100. That’s 6 points lower than the national average. Housing? That’s the factor that keeps Jacksonville reasonable, as the housing cost index is 78/100! That’s a full 22% lower than the national average and makes Jacksonville an appealing city indeed! The rest of the cost indices are all close to the national average. You can see them all for yourself at BestPlaces. Moving to any city is a big deal, but at least you can rest easy knowing that Jacksonville, Florida is affordable.

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Life on the Water Awaits you in Jacksonville

Are you a fan of boating, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and other water sports? If yes, you’re going to adore Jacksonville, Florida! Spending time on the water is a way of life here, and many folks own boats to enjoy it even more. Don’t have a boat? No problem! The beaches in Jacksonville are stellar, and the bays, bayous, and inlets, too! You can charter a deep-sea fishing trip or head inland and explore the inland waterways. Whatever you can do on the water, you can do it even more in Jacksonville! By the way, if you need to store a boat in Jacksonville, FL, iStorage has 3 self-storage locations with boat storage!

Jacksonville is a Healthcare and Wellness Hub

If you’re moving to Jacksonville, Florida, to retire, healthcare is likely at the top of your “important stuff” list. The good news is that the city is an authentic wellness hub and home to many top healthcare systems. That includes the Mayo Clinic Campus, voted #1 in Florida by US News & World Report. In Duval County, there’s a genuine effort to keep people healthy and well, including Healthy Jacksonville. Several other excellent hospitals round out the city’s healthcare system.

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville, Florida

There are more than 200 neighborhoods in Jacksonville, and most have their charms. Many have waterfront homes that are minutes from Jacksonville’s beautiful beaches. Some are, frankly, a little better than others, with better schools and amenities. Our advice; take your time looking so that you make a great choice. (We advise storing your stuff so you can home-search at your own pace.) This makes moving to Jacksonville, Florida a much easier and pleasant experience!

Below are the Top 25 Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville:

  1. Secret Cove
  2. Deerwood
  3. Bayard
  4. Deercreek
  5. Greenland
  6. Baymeadows
  7. Jacksonville Beach
  8. Miramar
  9. Windy Hill
  10. Avondale
  11. South Riverside
  12. Mandarin
  13. Beach Haven
  14. Beauclerc
  15. Neptune Beach
  16. Sans Pareil
  17. Fairfax
  18. Park Ridge
  19. Atlantic Beach
  20. LaVilla
  21. Southside
  22. Riverside
  23. Golden Glades
  24. Mandarin Station
  25. Del Rio
View of Jacksonville, FL during the night time

Good Luck Moving to Jacksonville, Florida

As we’ve seen, Jacksonville has a lot to offer everyone, especially those who love life on the water. Even if you don’t, Jacksonville is affordable, fun, and offers much more.

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If you have questions, please visit our Jacksonville self-storage location page. iStorage has 3 in Jacksonville serving the public and ready to help you get settled in! From everyone at iStorage, best of luck with your move, and welcome to your new home, Jacksonville, Florida!