Moving to Lynchburg, VA Guide

Sunset shot of downtown Lynchburg, VA

Just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains sits the lovely city of Lynchburg, VA. Affectionately known as the “City of Seven Hills,” Lynchburg is genuinely historic while also being forward-thinking and focusing on the arts, cuisine, and nature. If you’re moving to Lynchburg or have already arrived and want to know more about your new city, the info below is just for you! It’s a guide to Lynchburg, VA, brought to you by the storage experts at iStorage. Read on to get valuable, actionable data and details about this charming city you’ve decided to call home!

Moving to Lynchburg, VA

Moving to Lynchburg is no different than moving to any other American city; You should start planning 4 to 8 weeks ahead of time, get rid of anything you don’t need, want or use, and reserve a moving truck as early as possible. Most folks move in during the summer when the kids are out of school but be aware that the weather will be hot and moving heavy furniture will be a sweaty, sticky, heavy job.

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Factors to Consider when Moving to Lynchburg, VA

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All towns and cities in the United States have their good and bad points. The factors below, vital for a happy, healthy life, will empower you to decide if Lynchburg is the right city for you.

Cost of Living

You’ll be pleased to know that Lynchburg is a genuinely affordable city. The overall cost index, for example, is 82.1, nearly 18 points lower than the average U.S. city. As you’ll see below, housing and transportation costs are two main reasons for this excellent score, as both are significantly lower than the American average.

Public Schools

Lynchburg is home to 5 colleges and universities, and many people from around the country come here to better themselves and earn a degree. The public school system, consisting of 20 different schools, gets a B- grade from Niche, which isn’t fantastic but isn’t terrible. Jefferson Forest High School receives an A and is the #61 high school in the state. Several schools get a C grade, so choose a community well if you still have children.


The transportation cost index in Lynchburg is a surprisingly low 72.7, nearly 30 points lower than the U.S. average. Gasoline, highway taxes, auto insurance, and other costs attached to transportation are much more affordable. Even better, the average 1-way commute time is just over 17 minutes. To put that in perspective, you’ll spend almost 2 hours less per week staring out your windshield when you live in Lynchburg.


Lynchburg has a comfort index of 8.3/10 in summer, which is fantastic. There are very few days when the temperature is sweltering; most days are pleasant, sunny, and dry. In winter, the comfort index is 6.1/10, thanks to relatively mild temperatures and little snowfall. It does get cold, however, so you’ll need heavy clothing to be safe and comfortable.


If you love the mountains, hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing, you’ll love Lynchburg! There are over 40 miles of urban trails, including connections to the Appalachian Trail. Parks? There are many of them, and they’re all filled with gorgeous scenery and greenery! Several area lakes are waiting for you to explore, and snow-skiing resorts are within an hour’s drive. Orchards, ballparks, farms, and more are the best part of living in Lynchburg! (See more below!)

Real Estate

With a median home cost of $221,800, affording a home in Lynchburg is much easier for the average American family. The city’s housing index is an astounding 63.5, nearly 40 points lower than the country’s average! Even more homes are on the market, which is excellent news for those wishing to buy a house and start a family.

Best Neighborhoods in Lynchburg, VA

There are over 20 communities in Lynchburg, and all have their charms. We’ve listed the 10 best below, but we recommend looking at all of them as you never know which will be your favorite and the best place to call home.

  • Wyndhurst-15 minutes from downtown Lynchburg.
  • Perrymont– Median home prices of $177,000.
  • Fort Hill- Historic, quaint, and affordable.
  • Bedford Hills– Connected to good schools.
  • Miller Park– Mostly single-family homes.
  • Garland Hill– A distinctive, historic neighborhood.
  • Dearington– A charming community.
  • Diamond Hill– Affordable and connected to good schools.
  • College Hill– Small bedroom community.
  • Rivermont– Lynchburg’s largest historic district.

Top Things to Do in Lynchburg, VA

Senior man with his grandchild picking apples off of a tree smiling
  • Pick some apples at Gross Orchard
  • Hike, bike, and enjoy nature at Appomattox-Buckingham State Forest
  • Ski and snowboard all year long at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center
  • Take a stroll and enjoy outdoor art at The Bluffwalk
  • Buy the finest local produce at Lynchburg Community Market
  • Root for the home team, the Lynchburg Hillcats
  • Enjoy a beautiful walk or ride on the Trails of Blackwater Creek
  • Take your canine companions to Lynchburg Dog Park for an afternoon of furry fun.
  • Take the family camping at Paradise Lake Family Campground
  • Get artsy at Art Alley

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