Owning vs. Renting a Jet Ski in North Ft. Myers, Florida

If you just moved to Ft. Myers, Florida, lucky you! Located on the west coast, Ft. Myers is lovely, with beautiful weather practically the entire year. In fact, it’s a boater’s paradise, with opportunities aplenty to get out on the water and enjoy yourself! Of course, to do that, you need some type of watercraft. Many Floridians have a boat, but jet skis, sailboats, and kayaks are also very popular. (Canoes, john-boats, and airboats are popular watercraft down here as well.) That leads to the question; Owning vs. Renting a Jet Ski?

It’s an important question, depending on how often you wish to enjoy the north Ft. Myers coast. In this short article, we’ll take a look at your options and the pros and cons of renting vs. owning.

Top view of jet skis cruising in tropical sapphire clear waters
Costs: Renting a Jet SkiCosts: Owning a Jet Ski
1 rental for 1 jet ski 18 weekends of summer
½ day – $250 – $4500
full day – $350 – $6,300
Boating license – $30
Jet-ski – $5500
Life jacket – $100 (one time cost)
Boating license – $30
Insurance – $100 annually
Gas – $400 annually
General maintenance (oil change and fluid check) – $100 annually
Trailer – $250 (one time cost)
Storage – $37/month – 444
1 summer cost/1 person for a ½ day rental- $4,530
1 summer cost/1 person for a full day rental- $6,330 
1 total year cost/unlimited people –  $6,924
2 summer cost/1 person for a ½ day rental- $9,030
2 summer cost/1 person for a full day rental- $12,630 
2 total year cost/unlimited people –  $7,968
3 summer cost/1 person for a ½ day rental- $13,530
3 summer cost/1 person for a full day rental- $18,930 
3 total year cost/unlimited people –  $9,012
*costs are general estimations as of fall  2020. 

Pros of Renting a Jet Ski Every Summer vs. Owning One in North Fort Myers, FL

  • No technical knowledge for the upkeep is needed! You can rent, play, and relax without having to worry about the mechanical upkeep of a watercraft. 

Cons of Renting a Jet Ski Every Summer vs. Owning One in North Fort Myers, FL

  • There are 18 weekends in the “summer” but north fort Meyers, Florida has many more warm weekends throughout the year!
  • Rental costs double if you want to take a friend with you!

Pros of Owning vs. Renting a Jet Ski in North Fort Myers, FL

  • You can go out for unlimited days and hours when you own jet ski. plus you can boat around to places off the water when need be!

Cons of Owning vs. Renting a Jet Ski in North Fort Myers, FL

  • You have to find space for it, and sometimes HOAs don’t like them in driveways. Luckily, there’s easy, convenient, and affordable options for storage and parking at iStorage in North Fort Meyers, FL

How Often Do You Plan To Go Boating?

The biggest question when it comes to renting vs. owning a jet ski in Ft. Myers? That’s simple; how often do you plan to use it? If, for example, you’re retired and plan to boat a lot, owning would be a better option. You’ll save money in the long run and be able to get the exact watercraft you desire. (Plus, outfit it the way you like.) However, if you only plan to go out on the water once or twice, renting is the better choice. That way, you’ll save money, time, and energy. All you need to do is go to the marina, pay the rental fee, and off you go!

How Experienced Are You?

If you’re an experienced boater, purchasing a boat that fits your needs will be much easier. (You already know what you like and don’t like.) If you’re not experienced, though, renting makes more sense (at least initially). That way, you can try different watercraft and see which type you like best before purchasing one. For example, you may enjoy sailing more than power-boating or find that a kayak is what you want. If that’s the case, renting is a better choice.

Where To Store Your Watercraft

This is an important factor for many Floridians in Ft. Myers. Storing a watercraft isn’t difficult, to be sure. But, if your HOA forbids leaving a boat in your driveway, that can be problematic. If you live on the water, though, and have a dock, you’re all set! Of course, you may live in an apartment, making it a little tough to own a kayak or canoe. (They take up quite a bit of space!) If you rent a boat, storage is a moot point. If you own, you’ll need access to some manner of storage. Many people rent a storage unit in north Ft. Myers just for their watercraft. You can store kayaks and jet skis inside at many storage locations. Also, you can keep your boat in a storage facility’s parking space. It’s safe, secure, and quite affordable. It makes access very easy and fast.

Owning vs. renting a jet ski is a big question in north Ft. Myers. We hope this quick article helped you to decide. Whatever you choose, have a fantastic and safe time out on north Ft. Myers’ wonderful waterways!