Top Attractions and Things to Do in Sparks, NV

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Just outside Reno, NV is one of the Top 10 Best Suburbs in the state, Sparks, NV. Charming, diverse, and offering an electrically charged nightlife with plenty of things to do, Sparks, NV is an appealing town. Situated on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sparks is a great place to live and work. The weather, while hot, is almost always sunny and attractive. The public schools are excellent, too, and the crime rate, while not perfect, isn’t horrible.

If you’re moving to Sparks, NV, with your family, we commend you on your excellent choice! We also bet (pun intended) that you’re wondering what, exactly, there is to do in Sparks. The good news is, there’s a lot to do, see and enjoy here. That includes first-class shopping, thrilling casinos, decadent restaurants, and, for the kids, a massive water park. If you’d like to discover everything Sparks, NV, has to offer, we urge you to keep reading. We’ve got the top attractions, hot spots, and things to do in Sparks, NV, coming right up!

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Historic- Sparks Heritage Museum & Cultural Center

Located in lovely Victorian Square, the Sparks Heritage Museum & Cultural Center is fascinating. You’ll learn about the city’s interesting heritage as an old west train town. (There’s a train exhibit right across the street!) There’s also a classic schoolhouse from 1857 on display and the 32-foot tall Last Chance Joe. Today a local landmark, old Joe’s been welcoming folks to Sparks for decades! If you’ve got a couple of hours to pass, we urge you to stop by the Sparks Heritage Museum. It’s one of the more interesting things to do in Sparks, NV.

Outdoor Fun in the Sun- Sparks Marina Park

What do you get when you mix a billion gallons of water with the hot Nevada desert climate? One of the best places to have water-based fun, that’s what! Sparks Marina Park is charming, with a 77-acre lake surrounded by gorgeous green spaces. There are a wide variety of activities here for the entire family to enjoy! That includes windsurfing and volleyball, an excellent dog park and picnic grounds, and even scuba diving! What used to be an old gravel pit is one of the most fun places in the area! The locals rate Sparks Marina Park a solid 5 out of 5 stars!

Thrilling- Nugget Casino Resort

You can’t talk about Sparks, NV, without mentioning at least one casino, and the best here is the Nugget. Considering there are many casinos in Nevada, the Nugget is a standout. It’s an “old school” casino, no doubt, with throwbacks to when this area was just a train stop. It’s got plenty of charm, thrilling casino games, and, like most casinos in Nevada, excellent restaurants too. Even if you don’t gamble, there’s a lot to do and see, including a beautiful pool. If you need a night away from the kids, the Nugget Casino Resort is a great choice!

Wet and Wild Fun- Wild Island Family Adventure Park

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One thing about Sparks, NV you need to know is that it’s hot and sunny the entire year. That’s good news for many, but the heat can be a bit problematic for some. Luckily, when the heat gets crazy, you can easily escape it at Wild Island Family Adventure Park! Massive water slides? Check! A thrilling, three-level play structure to challenge the kids? Check! Indy go-carts, bowling, miniature golf, and a sports bar? Check, check, and, you guessed it, check! There’s truly something here for everyone in your family, even grandma and grandpa! Wild Island is, hands down, one of the most exciting things to do in Sparks, NV! 

Relaxing and Satisfying- Revision Brewing Company

Revision Brewing Company is regarded as the best place to relax and toss a few back in Sparks, NV. (Their online reviews are stellar!) Locals like the atmosphere at Revision Brewing, and love the many delicious and decadent beers on tap. They offer IPAs, sour beers, and a limited edition dark beer that will put your tastebuds in a trance! Spacious and charming, the service at this fave local watering hole also gets 5 stars. If you’re looking for a relaxing, satisfying night out with your significant other, look no further than Revision Brewing Company.

Exciting Nature- Mccarran Bridge

Have you ever watched as 40,000+ bats fly by on their way to their nightly escapades? If not, early evening at Mccarron Bridge will be a thrill indeed! The bridge, or, more specifically, the grooves underneath it, is home to a massive colony of Brazilian free-tailed bats. Every evening as the sun goes down, the bats get up, ready for a night of natural bug-zapping! There are so many it looks like one big, undulating mass of them, a thrill for anyone watching!

Fun for the Little Ones- Pah Rah Mountain Park

Pah Rah Mountain Park is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids. It’s geared towards kids with disabilities but offers something for all, no matter their ableness. It’s fun for everyone in the Sparks, NV sun from sports fields to picnic areas, barbecue pits, and more! Nearby you’ll also find another excellent park, Lazy 5 Regional Park. Offering many similar amenities, Lazy 5 also has a super-fun water play park! Both Pah Rah and Lazy 5 are great choices when the kids get antsy for outdoor adventures!

Sparks, NV offers Something Fun, Romantic, and Exciting For Everyone!

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