What are the Pros and Cons of Cleves, Ohio?

If you’re moving to Cleves, OH, you probably have many questions about the place. Is the weather pleasant? Is the cost of living affordable? Are there good restaurants in Cleves, Ohio? We’ve got the most important pros and cons of Cleves, Ohio, below!

Situated near the mighty Ohio River, Cleves, OH, is a small town with a big heart. As part of the Cincinnati metro area, Cleves is known affectionately as Ohio’s “northernmost southern city.” That’s because it’s a well-established cultural gateway between the Northern industry and the more rural South.

Pro: The Cost of Living in Cleves, Ohio is Below Average

We can’t call Cleves the most affordable city in the country, but it’s cheaper than many similar cities. The overall cost index is 91/100, making Cleves nearly 10% lower than the national average. That’s good news for most families looking to stick to a monthly budget, no doubt.

Con: Cleves, Ohio Winter Weather

According to BestPlaces, there are only three comfortable months in Cleves, OH, including May, June, and September. Also, from December to February, nearly every day arrives with freezing cold. Rain is also problematic in Cleves, with most months seeing at least ten days of the wet stuff. We don’t get a lot of snow here, though, which most people have no problem accepting.

pros and cons of Cleves Ohio

Pro: Cleves has a High Livability Index

The Livability Index of a particular town or city combines several factors. They include the cost of living, for example, crime, schools, and several more. As a result, Cleves, OH, receives an above-average livability score, with good education, low crime, and an affordable cost of living. In other words, living in Cleves is pretty good overall, with few cons.

Con: Cleves, OH is a Very Small Town

With less than 4,000 residents, Cleves is one of the smaller towns in Ohio. The problem with living in a small town? It’s the fact that, according to multiple surveys and studies, small towns usually have worse economic conditions. Of course, depending on your situation, a small place like Cleves, OH, might be the perfect fit for you and your family.

Pro: Housing in Cleves is Affordable

With a cost index of 80/100, housing costs in Cleves, OH, are pretty darn good. That’s 20% less than the national average. So fantastic savings will benefit most families who move here. The median home cost in Cleves is $163,000, which, compared to many U.S. towns, is amazing. The median rent is pretty good too, at $816, about $250 less than the national average of $1062.

Many folks save even more on housing by renting a storage unit in Cleves. That way, they can store valuables, collections, antiques, and so forth without filling up their space at home. It’s an easy and affordable way to store things you want to keep and protect.

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Con: Ohio is a Landlocked State

While this might not be a deal-breaker for some, Cleves has no direct access to the coast. Indeed, it’s about a 9 to 11-hour drive to the beach from Cleves, a long haul if there ever was one! So yes, Cleves has access to many great rivers and lakes, but it can be a problem if you love the ocean.

Pro: The Crime Rate in Cleves, OH is Low

One of the best pros and cons of Cleves, Ohio, is the low crime rate. Niche, for example, gives Cleves a B+ for crime and safety, which is very good! Violent crimes like murder, rape, and robbery are almost nonexistent here. Property crimes, including motor vehicle theft and burglary, are also far below the national average. That’s terrific news for young families, seniors, and just about everybody. It means you can walk, jog or enjoy the outdoors in Cleves with little fear of being attacked and robbed. (And who doesn’t love that?)

pros and cons of Cleves Ohio

Pro: Cleves, Ohio is a Great Place to Raise Children

Not only is Cleves, OH, safe, but it also offers good public schools and plenty of outdoor activities. Diversity is high in our city also, and commuting time is low. If you have young children, Cleves would be a wonderful place to raise them.

Commuting times here are also lower, meaning working parents will have more time to spend with their little ones. And you’ll be happy to know we have decent nightlife for young parents in Cleves.

The Best Restaurants in Cleves, Ohio

One of the best reasons to live in a small American town is the small, and usually delicious, restaurants. Cleves, OH is no exception, with several fabulous eateries to dine, entertain and chow down on some tasty grub. Below are some of the best eateries, dives, diners, and restaurants in Cleves, Ohio.

  • First Watch: American-style breakfast and lunch.
  • Fusabowl: Sushi and Asian food that’s priced right.
  • Nick’s American Cafe: Food made with Southern charm and spices.
  • Cabana On the River: Traditional American food that’s done to perfection.
  • Shamrock: A fun sports bar with traditional offerings.
  • The Surfin Salmon: Cleve’s first seafood restaurant.
  • Stateline Restaurant: A typical American diner with above-average chow.
pros and cons of Cleves Ohio

The Pros and Cons of Cleves, Ohio Show it’s a Great Place to Raise a Family!

While it does have a downside or two, we think you’ll agree that Cleves is an excellent place to raise a family. It’s affordable, safe, and has excellent schools. There are amazing restaurants in Cleves, Ohio too! It’s also close to Cincinnati if you need some big city life. In other words, it’s a beautiful small town.

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