What is Living in Katy, Texas Like?

Are you making plans to move to Katy? If yes, you likely have many questions about the town, the people, and the amenities Katy offers. For example, what are the fun things to do in Katy, TX, and is the cost of living affordable? Also, single folks moving to Katy wonder about the nightlife and diversity here. Whatever questions about Katy you might have, we’ve got your answers below. From housing costs to diversity, restaurants, and more, we’ve got it. So stay tuned for everything about living in Katy, Texas, including all the fun things to do in Katy, Texas!

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Green Spaces Are Everywhere You Look in Katy

If you’ve got a young family (and even if you don’t), you’ll enjoy many green spaces in Katy. There’s likely a park within 5 minutes of your door, depending on where you live! That’s because Katy puts a high value on nature, fresh air, sunshine, and family time. (Seriously, there are a lot of parks here!) Parks make for one of the most popular fun things to do in Katy, Texas. Some of the best parks and green spaces to check out when living in Katy, Texas, include:

  • Mary Jo Peckham Park
  • Katy Park
  • Callegari Park
  • Exploration Park
  • Willow Fork Park
  • Fulshear bend Pocket park
  • Mason Creek Hike and Bike Trail
  • Katy City Park
  • Four Seasons Park
  • Malcolm E Beckendorff Family Park
  • The Hidden Lake
  • Willow Fork Park
  • City of Katy Dog Park (Hey, dogs need a park, too!)
  • Rice Rice Park
  • Mason Road Park
Street view of a modern neighborhood

Excellent Schools When Living in Katy, Texas

Education is essential for all children, it’s true, and in Katy, they’ve taken that to heart. Of the 20 public schools in Katy, ten are rated an A or better by Niche. That’s an excellent score and great news for young parents. Woodcreek Elementary School is a standout as the #57 Best Public Elementary School in Texas. Also, there’s the #55 Best Public Middle School in Texas, Woodcreek Junior High School. In other words, your children will get a top-notch educational start when living in Katy, TX.

Average Cost of Living in Katy, Texas

As a suburb of Houston, you might think Katy would be expensive, but that’s not exactly true. No, it’s not inexpensive to live here, but it’s also not super costly. Katy’s overall cost of living is a respectable 104/100, only 4 points above the national average.

In fact, only two cost indexes are above the national average here; housing and transportation. Surprisingly, transportation is the highest at 122/100. Housing is only slightly higher than the national average at 105/100, with a median home cost of $315,500. That’s less than $20,000 over the national average of $291,700. All the other cost indices here are below the national average, including healthcare at 92/100. (That’s pretty good.) In other words, living in Katy, Texas, isn’t cheap, but it isn’t costly either.

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There are Many Fun Things to Do in Katy, Texas

In this part of the United States, folks like to live their life outside. The weather in Katy makes that possible (although it does get blazing hot here in summer). Still, most folks have beautiful decks and patios to enjoy the great outdoors. Barbecuing on the grill is a way of life here, as is keeping the lawn looking pristine. We also offer plenty of fun things to do in Katy, Texas, including:

  • MKT Railroad Museum (Who doesn’t like trains?!)
  • Willow Fork Park (One of the best of our many parks!)
  • Katy Market Days Outdoor Market. (Every 3rd Saturday from March through December.)
  • Typhoon Texas Water Park
  • Mason Road Skate Center
  • Exploration Park (Perfect for the little ones!)
  • Enjoy a day on the water at Galveston Bay. (Rent a storage unit for your boat in Katy, TX, if you don’t have the space to store it at home.)
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Katy, Texas, isn’t as Diverse as Other Towns

Not a positive or negative, but simply a fact, is that Katy, Texas is predominantly Caucasian. This lack of diversity can be slightly problematic for some. However, with Houston nearby, you’ll find plenty of diversity, culture, and arts just down the road. Still, if exposing your children to other cultures is essential to you, you might find Katy lacking.

Summertime in Katy is Hot and Buggy

Here’s the thing about Katy, Texas; it never gets frigid cold here. Indeed, we get less than 12 days of freezing weather a year, and we never see snow. On the other hand, the summer temps in Katy can be brutal. From May through September, you’ll have the A/C running full blast. Also, there are more biting bugs here than you can shake a flyswatter at with Galveston Bay nearby! Occasionally, the pests are atrocious, from flies to mosquitoes, gnats, chiggers, ticks, and fleas. That means keeping plenty of bug spray on hand and fully protecting your pets. The occasional hurricane is also problematic but, luckily, doesn’t happen all that often. One thing is for sure; you won’t be cold living in Katy, Texas!

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In Katy, TX, there are Fantastic Restaurants

One thing you’ll never have to worry about when living in Katy, Texas, is finding a good restaurant. There are many of them here, and, not surprisingly, this close to the border, quite a few are Mexican restaurants. Interestingly, even while Katy lacks diversity, the diversity of cuisine is off the charts! From Thai to Brazilian, Italian, Greek, and American, we have it and serve it all. Below you’ll find out the top 20 local faves, including:

  1. Whiskey Cake
  2. Tiger Noodle House
  3. Pho Saigon
  4. The ROKO Grill
  5. Da Vinci Ristorante Italiano
  6. Pappa Gyros
  7. Grett’s BBQ Shop
  8. Peli Peli
  9. Alegria Brazilian Grill
  10. Black Bear Diner
  11. Tasty Ko
  12. Maika’i Hawaiian BBQ
  13. Grazia Italian Kitchen
  14. Torchy’s Tacos
  15. Taqueria El Toluca
  16. El Jarrito Mexican Restaurant
  17. Taqueria Jamay Jalisco #2
  18. Los Balito’s Taco Shop
  19. El Asador
  20. El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Living in Katy, Texas, is Pleasant and Peaceful

We think you’ll agree that Katy, Texas, is inviting, attractive and safe; not to mention that there are so many fun things to do in Katy, Texas! Here at iStorage, we help new arrivals to store their things with safe, clean Katy, TX storage units. Many folks rent our storage units in Katy so they can house hunt at their own pace. Others reserve a Katy storage unit online to be ready when they arrive.

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