10 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

10 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List

Ah, sweet summertime. We wait all year long for that juicy watermelon and that first cannonball into the pool. Even for adults who must work, it remains a special time of the year that causes a little less stress and gives permission to have a little more fun. Here are the 10 things you need to cross off your Summer Bucket List for 2019 before the leaves start falling and the evenings get cooler again.

Host a BBQ with Friends and Family

Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, combined with ice cold beer and games in the backyard is summer at it’s finest. Gather all your closest friends and family members, and don’t forget that juicy watermelon!

Take a Road Trip

Even if it’s just for a quick day or weekend trip, grabbing a friend and hopping in the car with some good tunes and snacks will never get old. Pick a spot on the map you’ve never been before and go explore!

Visit a Water Park (or create your own)

Water slides and wave pools are the best way to beat the summer heat. If you don’t have a water park near your home, just make your own! The kids will always love the good ‘ol sprinklers and for some adult fun, just set up your own makeshift slip n’ slide in the backyard or down the nearest hill with soap and water.

Attend a Pool Party for the 4th of July

Celebrate our beloved country with all the patriotic items you can find while splashing around with pals in the pool. Good food, things exploding in the sky, and a pool filled with the people who matter most. It’s hard to imagine a day much better than that.

Go Camping

There’s no better time to indulge in all of nature’s serenity than when the weather is warm and the sun is shining. Put down your phone, clear your mind, and relax from the hectic city life for a day or two – even if you have to set up the tent in the backyard. Don’t forget to make a couple s’mores and stargaze!

Bike Ride and Picnic in the Park

Is there a simpler way to spend a summer day than biking around the city (or beach boardwalk) and setting up a lovely picnic in the park? That sounds like a pretty great day to us.

Pick Your Own Fresh Strawberries/Oranges

Depending on where you are in the country, there is probably a strawberry farm or orange grove within driving distance. And for some reason, they just taste that much better when you pick them yourself. 

Attend an Outdoor Concert

Of course, live music sounds better at an outdoor amphitheater. So, check your local schedule, pack the cooler for the tailgate, and get ready to sing your heart out.

Learn a New Hobby

You’re never too old to keep learning! Nice weather and extra free time provide the perfect opportunity to learn a fun, new hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Knitting or guitar perhaps? Or, just catch up on the stack of books you’ve been putting off.

Visit Out of Town Family Members

When the kids are out of school and it’s easier to take a vacation, don’t forget to visit the family members that you don’t get to see very often. Life is too short to not make time for the ones that are most precious.