Summer Bucket List for College Kids from iStorage

Ah, sweet summertime. We wait all year long for that juicy watermelon and that first cannonball into the pool. Even for adults who must work, it remains a special time of the year that causes a little less stress and gives permission to have a little more fun. Here are the 10 things you need to cross off your Summer Bucket List for College Kids before the leaves start falling and the evenings get cooler again.

Host a BBQ with Friends and Family

Summer Bucket List for College Kids

Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, combined with ice cold beer and games in the backyard is summer at it’s finest. Gather all your closest friends and family members, and don’t forget that juicy watermelon!

Summer Bucket List for College Kids: Volunteer

OK, so maybe this isn’t the most fun-sounding bucket list item, but it’s very soothing for your soul. The truth is, a lot of people out in the world are suffering. Many don’t have enough money to pay their bills and buy their family food. As a college student, you might not fully realize this. (College life can be very insulating, let’s be honest.) That’s why volunteering should be on your summer bucket list.

There are so many opportunities to volunteer! A soup kitchen or women’s shelter is a great place to start. Most towns and cities have a Goodwill or other donation location. They always need volunteers. Many have ‘clean up’ days, where crews of volunteers beautify a park, river, or other location. And hey, the great thing about most volunteers is this; they’re young and single! You might make a new friend or even more! Helping your fellow humans and making new friends? That’s a great summer bucket list combo, we think you’ll agree!

Head Out On a Major Biking Adventure

There’s no better way to see the United States than on a bicycle! The country passes by slowly so you can get a good, long look at everything. You’ll see things you’d never see passing by at 70 miles an hour, that’s for sure! Also, it’s awe-inspiring (and a bit humbling) to see America from the seat of a bicycle. That’s especially true if pass, for example, The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, or any of our other national treasures. One suggestion; go with a friend or group. It’s more fun and a lot safer. On the summer bucket list for college kids, this one might be the best!

Summer Bucket List for College Kids: Learn a New Language

Communication is the key to a rewarding, interesting, and successful career after college. Those people who communicate best usually find the most success, which starts by speaking more than just English. Today there are so many ways to learn, too! Apps like DuoLingo make it easier and fun, or you can watch YouTube videos. One of the best ways to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in it if you’re able. While you might think that entails traveling to another country, that’s not 100% correct. There are plenty of ‘communities within communities’ all over the United States. For example, Atlanta, GA, has a huge Peruvian population, and they all speak Spanish! You could volunteer at a business run by Peruvians and pick up some Spanish skills at the same time!

Find a Fun, Interesting, or Exciting Internship Position

Being an intern might not be glamorous, but it can be rewarding in many ways. You can learn some new skills, and make new and valuable contacts. You can see how the world works after college too, and find out if you like a particular field (or not). Internships are everywhere you look these days too. (What company doesn’t want a little bit of cheap labor?) Plus, you never know who you might meet or how they might be able to help you in the future. It could turn out to be the best thing you do all summer!

Visit a Water Park (or create your own)

Water slides and wave pools are the best way to beat the summer heat. If you don’t have a water park near your home, just make your own! The kids will always love the good ‘ol sprinklers and for some adult fun, just set up your own makeshift slip n’ slide in the backyard or down the nearest hill with soap and water.

Summer Bucket List for College Kids: Go Camping

There’s no better time to indulge in all of nature’s serenity than when the weather is warm and the sun is shining. Put down your phone, clear your mind, and relax from the hectic city life for a day or two – even if you have to set up the tent in the backyard. Don’t forget to make a couple of s’mores and stargaze!

Pick Your Own Fresh Strawberries/Oranges

Summer Bucket List for College Kids

Depending on where you are in the country, there is probably a strawberry farm or orange grove within driving distance. And for some reason, they just taste that much better when you pick them yourself. 

However you decide to celebrate summer, we know you’ll have a blast! Stay safe and make the most of your last summers!