The 3 Best States for Outdoor Activities

If enjoying the outdoors and wildlife is your jam, these are three of the best states for outdoor activities that you’ll want to either visit or consider moving to! There’s really no better way to spend a gorgeous day than getting outside and doing something active.

Best States for Outdoor Activities


Rocky Mountains Over Colorado

Of course, Colorado is on the top of the list of best states for outdoor activities to take part in! No matter what season it is, there’s something fun to do. In the winter, drive to a ski resort and spend the day riding the mountainside on skis or a snowboard. Or, trek through on snowshoes, or get your blood pumping on a snowmobile.

Colorado has about 300 days of sunshine on average. Even with snow on the ground, the weather is still beautiful. Once spring and summer roll around, exploring the mountains on foot or climbing to the top of a 14’er is definitely on the to-do list! Don’t forget to bring a tent and camp out in the wilderness. You can also try out a horseback ride to immerse yourself in nature. Or, you can mountain bike down the many trails, and kayak or canoe in a gorgeous lake or river!


Florida Everglades at Sunset

Down in the Southeast part of the country, the adventure never ends either. The warm weather allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year long, and the activity list is not small. Not only are the coastlines beautiful with some of the best beaches in the world to enjoy, but Florida is one of the best states for outdoor activities because the water sports are abundant! Explore the colorful coral reefs in the Atlantic Ocean or go fishing offshore to catch your own dinner. Stay on top of the surface in a kayak or paddleboard through the mangroves and enjoy the abundant wildlife in the Everglades! The variety of outdoor activities in this tropical state will always keep you busy.


Oahu Bay Hawaii - one of the best states with outdoor activities

If you don’t want to have to choose between the ocean and the mountains, Hawaii is the state for you! The beautiful Hawaiian Islands are known for their rugged, mountainous landscapes, active and inactive volcanoes, lush vegetation and waterfalls, and of course beaches on every side. Hawaii is one of the best states for outdoor activities! It has some of the best surfing and snorkeling there is to offer. Oh, don’t forget trekking to the top of “Stairway To Heaven” and tons of other hiking trails! There’s truly not much you can’t do here. Make it your next vacation to island-hop and experience what adventures each one has to offer. Or, just fully embrace the island life and make Hawaii your home so the adventures never have to stop!

How to Pack Up and Travel 

You don’t have to move to any of these states immediately. Save some cash (or get a remote job!), put your items in self-storage, and rent your apartment or home out on a travel site such as Airbnb. Sometimes the things that seem the scariest aren’t actually that scary. Happy adventuring!