5 Most Common Complaints About Moving

5 Most Common Complaints About Moving

There aren’t many events in life that are quite as stressful and unenjoyable as moving homes. There really are endless complaints that could be said about this terrible activity, but here are the most common ones that we’ll hopefully help you avoid the next time you think it’s a good idea to find a new place to live. For more help moving, check out our other moving blogs.

Thought There Was More Time

Yep, this happens every. single. time you decide to move. You always think there’s so much more time to prepare then there is, it doesn’t take as long to pack up your life than it does, you’re so much more ahead of schedule than you are. Listen to us right now: YOU’RE BEHIND SCHEDULE. You should have started packing a month ago because I promise, you have a lot of stuff.

How Do I Have So Much Stuff

Which brings us to our next point. None of us know exactly how, but somehow we accumulate a LOT of stuff over the years. I may even go as far as saying we’re secretly borderline hoarders. It hides in the nooks and crannies of the garage, under the bed, on the top shelves of the closet, I’m telling you, it’s everywhere. And one of the most annoying things about moving is realizing we have a lot of items that we haven’t ever used and probably haven’t even seen in years.

Should Have Decluttered

Don’t let it get to the point where you’re taking yourself to hoarder’s therapy. Make it a point to take a month or so before you need to start packing to declutter some of your belongings. There’s no point in packing, carrying, unpacking, and storing items that you shouldn’t be hanging onto in the first place. Be brutally honest with yourself, and allow yourself to toss or donate as much as you can. It’ll feel like a Spring Clean X10.

Can’t Find Anything

Either your movers did an awful job, or you just got lazy and none of the boxes are properly labelled. No matter how stressed and exhausted you are while packing, I promise, nothing will be worse than finally getting everything to your new place and not knowing where anything is. Label each box really, really well – including putting a note on which cord goes to what electronic. There’s nothing like trying to find the kitchen towels and not having to open up every single box to find it.

I Just Want to Sleep

Going right along with the labels, there should be a box or bin marked “First Night”. There will be many less hairs pulled out if you put in here your pajamas, shower towels, a roll of paper towels, some kitchen utensils, bed sheets, and any bathroom toiletries you may need to get you through your first night in the new home before the rest of your items get unpacked.

If you use these complaints as warnings for what not to do during your next move, we promise you’ll have a smoother process and who knows, maybe you’ll want to start doing it every single year.