St. Louis Custom Home: 5 Tips On Building Yours

We love St. Louis, MO. Want to know why? There’s the Forest Park for starters, which is almost 50% bigger than New York’s Central Park! Then there’s the fact that nearly all arts and cultural institutions are FREE to the public! Talk about awesome. Also, Volunteerism is enormous in St. Louis, with over 32% of citizens donating their time and effort every year. The list goes on and on! That’s why it is a lovely place to build a St. Louis custom home and settle down. If that’s your plan, here are a few tips that will help.

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Tip #1: Choose the Right Location for Your St. Louis Custome Home

St. Louis has tons of great neighborhoods. What you want to do when building St. Louis custom homes is to choose the location that fits your needs best. It should be close to work, shopping, and other necessities. If you’re retired and want to live outside the city, that’s also an important consideration. We suggest taking a long, hard look around St. Louis before making your decision.

Tip #2: Vents Are Essential When Building a St. Louis Custom Home

It’s essential to create a ‘thermal envelope’ when building St. Louis custom homes. The thermal envelope minimizes the chance of hot and cold spots occurring in your new abode. Sealing openings well to prevent unwanted airflow reduces the chance of mold forming. Proper ventilation goes hand-in-hand with this for healthy indoor air quality.

Tip #3: Take Your Time Choosing a Contractor

One of the most important choices during your home building is “who’s going to be my contractor?” You should look for one that has a track record of delivering on time and high-quality. (Pro tip: read as many online reviews as possible on review sites like Yelp.)

Tip #4: Don’t Go Overboard With Customizations

One common mistake is to over-customize your new St. Louis custom home. The problem with this is that you could make your home difficult to sell. Let’s be honest; every family is different. If you put something in your home that most don’t want or need, selling it later may be challenging. (It also may reduce your selling price drastically.)

Tip #5: Rent a Storage Unit for the Building Materials

Unfortunately, the theft of building materials is a thing. Suppose there are thousands of dollars of materials around. In that case, some will inevitably ‘disappear.’ To prevent that from happening, many people in St. Louis rent a storage unit when building a custom home. That way, all of the building materials are safe and sound until your new home is complete. 

You could also try renting a storage unit to store your household goods. Sometimes, your old home will sell before your new, custom home gets built. (It happens.) If you are in a situation where you need to move out, storing your things in a St. Louis storage unit is the solution. Your household goods will stay safe and clean until your St. Louis custom home is ready for you!

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Living the Good Life in St. Louis!

We hope this list of tips helps you in your St. Louis custom home adventure. The good news is that, when finished, you’ll be living in wonderful St. Louis! Best of luck with everything!