The Best Places to Donate in Detroit, MI

Looking for the best places to donate in Detroit? Look no further!

We love Detroit. The reason why? How much volunteerism there is here. Neighbors helping neighbors is part of the fabric of life in our lively city. That’s seen in our more than 9000 non-profit organizations. Many of these organizations also accept donated items. They then sell or use these items to raise money, fund their org, feed the homeless, care for the abused and so much more. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the best places to donate in Detroit. They’re all worthy of your support. If you have items you don’t need, consider donating to one of these organizations.

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The Best Places to Donate in Detroit, MI

Donate in Detroit at the Salvation Army Family Store

One of the biggest community-based organizations is the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army has helped people in Detroit, and around the world, for over 110 years! They operate a whopping 35 family thrift stores in the Detroit metro area. Like every organization of this type, they accept donations of many different items. Those items include clothing, shoes, books, sports equipment, furniture, and much more. Also, the Salvation Army provides services to the needy, abused, and neglected among us. They are well worth your support and donations. They also offer free pick up at your door and gladly take donations of vehicles like trucks, cars, boats, and RVs.

The Salvation Army Store & Donation Center

(800) 728-7825

Facebook / Website

Donate in Detroit at Volunteers of America Thrift Stores

Volunteers of America has 5 locations around the metro area. This thrift store uses the funds they collect to help around the city. They offer pick-up services if you can’t make it to one of their locations. If you don’t have anything to donate in Detroit, consider going to one of their five locations and making a purchase. It will amaze you just how clean, well run, and well-stocked they all are!

Volunteers of America Thrift Stores

(734) 452-7220

Facebook / Website

The Best Places to Donate in Detroit, MI soup kitchen

Capuchin Services Center (And Soup Kitchen)

The Capuchin Services Centers help over 228,000 residents yearly. They also offer a ‘shoppers choice’ food pantry. For example, residents can take a certain amount of food for free to feed their families. Amazingly, they give out over 10,000 pounds of food per day! They accept donations of clothing, furniture, and appliances as well as food. As a side note, they’re always looking for volunteers in their Soup Kitchen. Over all, this is one organization that truly deserves our support.

Capuchin Service Center

(313) 925-0514

Facebook / Website

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit

One of the best places to donate in Detroit is Goodwill. Obviously, we all know about Goodwill stores. Nevertheless, goodwill Industries has been helping the people of Detroit for many years? Not only do they help the community using the funds generated by selling donated items, but they also put good people to work.

Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit

(734) 981-1692

Website / Facebook

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities doesn’t take donated items. However, they do take donated time. You can work in their office to organize fundraisers. You can also help in their garden to prepare meals. Therefore, if you have a little time and a little love in your heart, consider donating that time to this wonderful charity.

Ronald McDonald House Charities – Detroit

(313) 745-5909

Website / Facebook

The Best Places to Donate in Detroit, MI donate

Where To Store Your Stuff in Detroit, MI

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In closing, we’re all about the community here in Detroit. Volunteering, donating, and doing social good is in our blood. Overall, it’s important to give back.