5 Reasons You Should Consider Renting a Self Storage Unit

Why are storage units so popular? Well it’s hard to imagine why someone might need a storage unit when you’ve never needed one yourself. The answer isn’t always black and white. It’s hard to know exactly when you should get a self-storage unit, so here are some of the top reasons people opt for a self-storage unit!

Reducing Clutter in Your Living Space

Reducing clutter in your home can make you feel less stressed and more productive. However, many of us don’t have enough storage space at home to make staying organized practical. We all want to live in a peaceful and calm environment, which means creating a sense of space and order by clearing out the things you don’t need right away. This is often easier said than done when your storage space is limited. Renting personal storage lets you keep your items you may want access to later while getting them out from underfoot. See our blog on decluttering tips for more inspiration.

Making the Most of Per Square Footage Housing Costs

Do you need more room? Your first thought may be to move to a larger home or apartment. But with housing costs continually rising, especially in urban areas, extra square footage comes at a high cost. You may even be looking to downsize to save on overhead expenses like rent and utilities to make housing more affordable. Rather than buying or renting an extra bedroom or garage, renting a self-storage unit is a smart idea. No need to heat and cool the faux Christmas tree all year when you only need it once! With easy 24 hour access, you can pick up or drop off items whenever you need them! For tips on regaining space in your home see our blog.

Safety and Security

Why are storage units so popular when people have garages or driveways or sheds? Whether you travel frequently, live in a less secure neighborhood, or have items you want out of sight or out of mind, self-storage offers extra security over storing items at home. iStorage facilities are securely fenced, well lit, and have 24-hour digital surveillance cameras that provide continuous monitoring. Each unit has an individual lock where you control access to your storage unit. iStorage facilities provide locks for purchase with high-security ratings that meet top safety standards and discourage break-ins. Most facilities offer 24-hour storage access for your convenience with individual access codes to make sure only other tenants have access.

Managing Life’s Changes

Life is always changing, and self-storage can help you manage life’s transitions. Many people use personal storage while moving, during renovations, when making room for a new baby, helping a loved-one downsize, or managing the seasonal demands of students coming and going from school. iStorage indoor storage units offer month-to-month rentals, with no annual contract. You can choose the amount of time you want to rent your unit depending on your circumstances. Having a safe and convenient place to store items during times of change can greatly reduce your stress.

Storing Off-Season and Hobby items

Summertime is fun-time, but finding room to store sports equipment and gear when the season ends can be a chore. You may love to go all out on Halloween decorations once a year, but finding space to store your ghosts and cauldrons for the remainder of the year can be a be-witching challenge. With easy 24 hour storage access, iStorage can help you solve your storage challenges for off-season items. For hobbyists, indoor storage can provide a room of your own to store all the things that bring you joy. Whether it’s a rare collection, specialty tools, or hobby supplies, the extra space will allow you to indulge your passion without taking over the family living room. All without having to sacrifice any part of your hobby or beloved activity!

So, Why are Storage Units so Popular?

Because things matter, and people deserve to have the space to keep those things safe. Contact your local, friendly iStorage manager if you need help storing.

This article was originally published on 1/11/2018 and was updated on 10/29/2020