Indoor Storage: Comfortable home-like storage for your belongings


About indoor storage

We all love closet space — and walk-in closets especially! In fact, most folks who are house shopping have closet space near the top of their list of must-haves because there just never seems to be enough room to store everything.

Renting indoor storage is like adding a huge walk-in closet to your storage space. When you're in the process of moving from one home to another or from one office building to another, indoor storage is like a small home or office where you can keep your items until your move is complete.

Indoor storage spaces at iStorage can store items for a home with as many as seven bedrooms or an office building with up to five offices. With our climate controlled self-storage, there's no need to worry about your artwork, furniture, electronics, or other valuables being exposed to damaging heat, cold, or moisture.

When you need indoor storage

If you'd like storage space that feels more like home, indoor storage is the choice for you. It's an excellent choice for storing everything from appliances to collectibles. Select an indoor storage unit with temperature control, and worries about climate-sensitive items like antique furniture, electronics, artwork, wine, and pharmaceuticals disappear. Whether you need space for storing the contents of an apartment or a large house, iStorage has a comfortable indoor unit in the perfect size.


Indoor storage benefits both you and your belongings.

  • Climate control: With climate controlled storage units, you can stop worrying about damage from extreme temperatures. No more surprises like warped furniture or fabric clothing or furniture that's yellowed from the heat. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuables are in a comfortable, consistent temperature.
  • Protection: Enclosed units keep out pests that can destroy fabric, leather, and other materials. They minimize dust and protect things like artwork and electronics from humidity.
  • House-like setting: When you want to retrieve an item from storage or just check up on your valuables, our comfortable, well-lit hallways create a house-like setting.
  • Choices: iStorage offers two levels of indoor storage. Our first-floor indoor storage units are great if fast access is important to you, or our less expensive units can be reached by elevator.
  • Comfort: With our climate controlled storage option, you don't have to suffer in the sweltering heat or freeze in the dead of winter. No matter what the weather, climate control makes every visit to your storage unit comfortable.

 iStorage has the perfect solution for a wide range of storage needs. Contact us today and find out about our move in promotions. Find space for what matters at iStorage.



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