Bathroom Remodel Cincinnati: How To Save Money

No matter where you live in the United States, having a well-functioning bathroom is important. Americans spend a decent amount of time in the bathroom every day. If you live in Cincinnati, it’s the same thing. A well-appointed, updated, and attractive bathroom is essential. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in Cincinnati, you’re in luck! We’ve collected lots of great tips and advice on How To Save Money On a Bathroom Remodel in Cincinnati, for you! With them, you’ll be able to wash your hands of that old, unattractive, un-trendy bathroom and start fresh! Plus, you’ll be able to do it without breaking the bank! Enjoy.

How To Save Money On a Bathroom Remodel in Cincinnati

Advice: Make a Solid Plan Before You Start

You wouldn’t go on a trip without making plans, and the same can be said about remodeling your bathroom. Without plans, you could make extremely costly mistakes or end up with a bathroom that’s not what you wanted. Now, here’s the thing; most people are neither designers nor architects. (No judgment, just fact.) Unless you are one, hiring a pro is an excellent idea. It may seem antithetical to saving money, but actually, it’s not. Professional plans can keep you from making those costly mistakes we just mentioned and significantly lower your overall cost.

Cincinnati Bathroom Remodel Money Saving Tip: Don’t Move the Plumbing

Yes, you want an updated, upgraded bathroom, that’s a given. One mistake many Cincinnati homeowners make, though, is that they redesign the entire space. That’s not good because it often means moving the plumbing and pipes, too. Tha can be an expensive proposition, costing upwards of $5000.00 before any new fixtures are even purchased. The more affordable choice is to leave the plumbing right where it is. Trust us; you’ll still have plenty of options to do something new, open, and trendy.

Upgrade: Put a Frame Around That Old Mirror

Many Cincinnatti homes have old, unframed mirrors in the bathrooms, which can be problematic (and unsightly). The problem is that they tend to ‘flake’ around the edges, which is undoubtedly ugly. Rather than throwing them out, though, you can frame them (like a picture). It’s much cheaper than purchasing a large new mirror, especially if you can DIY it. Even better, the frame will hide the flaking edges very nicely. Plus, you can paint, stain or otherwise color the frame to match your bathroom’s new color palette.

Cincinnati Bathroom Remodel Money Saving Tip: Just Toss the Seat

Unless your toilet is hideous or not working, don’t replace the entire thing. Replacing only the seat and lid is a much more affordable option. You’ll avoid the cost of a new one and the plumber’s fees to install it. Plus, it can easily change the entire look of your porcelain throne too. That’s especially true if the base is white, which goes with practically any other color scheme. 

How To Save Money On a Bathroom Remodel in Cincinnati

Bathroom Remodel Cincinnati Tip: Try an Antique Dresser

No matter where you shop for new bathroom fixtures and furniture, they all look somewhat the same. The work-around for this tedious predicament? Purchase an antique dresser and adapt it to use as a vanity. Not only will you have a one-of-a-kind vanity in your bath, but it will also have drawers built-in! There are two ways to do it:

  • 1. Cut out the hole/space to set your new sink into the dresser. It’s not that difficult, but you will lose the use of a drawer or 2.
  • 2. Purchase a sink that sits on top of the dresser. You won’t have as big a hole to cut, which is much easier. Even better, you’ll still have access to at least some of the dresser’s drawers for storage.

By the way, if you’re in the process of renovating, storing stuff in a Cincinnatti storage unit is a good idea. Your furniture and household items will be protected from dust, grime, and dirt. Also, if you haven’t started the renovation but have started purchasing new fixtures, you can store them easily that way. (And they won’t get in the way while you’re gutting the old bathroom.)

Alternative: Use Open Shelves Instead of Cabinets and Closets

If your Cincinnati bathroom is small and won’t be enlarged during the remodel, cabinets can quickly eat up precious space. Instead, why not use open shelving? Step-ladder shelves are super trendy right now, as are regular, traditional wooden shelving units. They’re more affordable, too, in most cases, and create the illusion of having a larger bathroom. Plus, you’ll see all of the pretty things that usually hide in a closet. Brightly colored towels, for instance, as well as baskets, soaps, and so forth.

Advice: Don’t Scrimp On the Lighting

Raise your hand if you think builder-grade lighting is attractive and functional. Most of us don’t, let’s be honest, as it’s unattractive and usually doesn’t do an outstanding job. That’s why spending a decent chunk of your Cincinnati bathroom renovation budget on lighting is a good idea. Indeed, experts say it’s one of the most valuable changes you can make to your bathroom. Plus, it’s not as expensive as you might think. You don’t need many fixtures; they just need to be attractive and light your bathroom well. Another option, if you have easy access to the roof, is a skylight. The more natural light, the better!

Pro Advice: Don’t Move Load-Bearing Walls

If your Cincinnati bathroom remodel plan is to save money, moving loadbearing walls is a no-no. As their name suggests, loadbearing walls hold up either the second floor or the roof of your Cincinnati home. Moving them or removing them is a huge undertaking that involves significant structural changes. Those changes, of course, will set you back a pretty penny, at least. If expanding your bathroom size is essential to you, try to do it by moving non-loadbearing walls. 

Tip: Store Purchased Items in a Storage Unit, Not Your Home

A Cincinnati bathroom remodel can be a significant undertaking. You’ll find yourself getting massive things (like tubs and toilets) delivered well before you’ve got contractors set with permits and ready to install. Consider a cheap and effective storage unit in Cincinnati instead of disrupting your whole life by adding a massive tub to your dining room.