Common Moving Complaints and How To Avoid Them

Common Moving Complaints and How To Avoid Them

There aren’t many events in life that are quite as stressful as moving homes. There really are endless moving complaints that could be said about this terrible activity, but here are the most common ones that we’ll hopefully help you avoid the next time you think it’s a good idea to find a new place to live.

Your New Home Isn’t Ready On Schedule

This problem happens more often than you might think, especially in a newly built home. When the lovers arrive, they can’t unload because your new home isn’t ready. Even worse, your closing might have fallen through. In any case, you’re going to need somewhere to put your household goods and things until your home is ready. That can be with the moving company, of course, but they tend to charge very high storage prices. That’s why many homeowners in this situation rent a storage unit. (See next.)

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Not Renting a Storage Unit On Time

Some folks wait until the last minute to rent a storage unit. That’s OK as long as there are some available and they are the size you need. If not, you may need to spend more to rent a larger storage unit. However, even a bigger storage unit is usually cheaper than putting your things into a moving company’s storage facility. Also, while being stored, you can access your stuff if you need something. In a mover’s storage warehouse, that’s almost impossible. (They keep everything in wooden containers called pallets that you can’t open easily.)

You Didn’t Plan Far Enough in Advance

As with anything significant in your life, planning ahead when moving is vitally important. However, many folks don’t do that since life, work, the kids, and more get in the way. That’s a shame because planning ahead is the best way to avoid moving complaints. You’ll be better prepared for anything that happens and forget far fewer tasks. Indeed, planning usually opens your eyes to all the things that moving involves. You’ll realize that more things need to be accomplished than you thought!

Complaints About the Moving Company

Delivery delays can be a huge problem, especially if you have a big family. Having to pay for a hotel for a night (or several) can cost a lot of money. Plus, you won’t have the things you need, and a hotel bed isn’t as comfy as the one at home. The solution; make sure your mover guarantees their delivery dates, or at least a ‘delivery window’ within which they’ll arrive.

Common Moving Complaints and How To Avoid Them

Someone Has an Accident During the Move

Accidents top the list of moving complaints. Here’s the thing; moving is heavy and sometimes dangerous work. For example, lifting a large dresser and carrying it down a flight of stairs. That’s something a trained mover even has trouble with, let alone a wannabe mover with no experience. Unfortunately, moving and accidents go together like painting and drips; you can’t do one without causing the other. Also, moving accidents can be severe and painful. (If you’ve ever dropped a table on your toe, you know what we mean!)

Discovering Broken Items After You Move

Many people discover after they’ve moved that things in boxes were broken or destroyed. Usually, it’s when they decide to pack everything themselves. (Having little experience is not good when you need to pack china, crystal, glassware, and other fragile items.) If you want to save money, pack the non-fragile things yourself and let the movers pack the delicate stuff. (Clothes, toys, linens, dry and canned food, etc.)

Moving Complaints About Missing Items

Things sometimes go missing or get stolen when moving, unfortunately, especially if you move things yourself. The thing is, most people aren’t nearly as organized as a professional moving team. They don’t label boxes, pt mismatched stuff together, and leave things all over the house. Plus, if you’re not careful, things can ‘walk off’ on their own when you’re not looking. (Try moving in or out of a big city like New York!)

Moving Complaints About Not Having Space

This last problem is one that many American families have; not enough storage space. That’s a problem because storage is essential for an organized, decluttered home. The solution; rent a storage unit. Storage units are affordable, safe, and clean, and you can store anything in them (as long as it’s not flammable). Many families store seasonal clothing, decorations, and outdoor furniture in a storage unit. You can also store children’s furniture they’ve outgrown (but you want to keep) and even supplies from your workplace.

Avoid These Moving Complaints With iStorage

If you use these complaints as warnings for what not to do during your next move, we promise you’ll have a smoother process.

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This post was published on 8/2/2019. It was updated on 3/11/2021.