Construction Storage: Improve Your Daily Operations

If you own a construction, contracting or other building and development business, renting construction self-storage can improve your daily operations and save you money. Many contractors, plumbers, and painters work out of their vans, trucks and even homes. Most do not have a designated storage space to store their equipment and supplies. Renting a small business storage unit can help you stay organized, keep your equipment safe when not in use, and save you money by keeping your overhead low. The added convenience of easy 24 hr access and the ability to choose a storage unit central to your job site can cut down on time and money spent commuting between jobs.

Construction Storage Can Help You Keep Your Budget in Check

Building or renting space for construction material and equipment can mean a significant overhead cost for your business. Finding the right space at an affordable price and adding sufficient security such as video surveillance, good lighting, and fencing can quickly add up. Industrial space is often located in less secure neighborhoods and construction businesses are often targets of theft due to the expensive items they store. You may have to pay a premium for rent or insurance to find a secure place to store your items.

Renting construction storage at iStorage can help you solve all these challenges, with month-to-month rental terms that will help you manage your monthly cash flow. You are never locked into a long-term lease and can increase or decrease the amount of storage space you need by changing job or seasonal demands. Busy during the summer months? Grab an extra unit for the season and only pay for what you need.

Renting business storage space will allow you to maximize your profits by allowing you to purchase materials, supplies, and tools in bulk and store them until they are needed. Having a place to store leftover supplies and materials from a job, and using them on a later job, keeps your costs down as well. Recycling extra materials helps the environment by keeping job leftovers from going to the landfill.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Construction Business is Safe at iStorage

Construction theft is a growing problem, accounting for almost a billion dollars in losses in 2017. The numbers have been growing by 10% a year and are expected to continue. Thieves consider construction sites and contractors low-risk, high-reward targets. Materials like copper and other metal supplies command high prices on the black market and are stolen as often as equipment. You can reduce your risks by storing your material and equipment at a secured iStorage facility. Security amenities such as 24 hr video surveillance, fully fenced grounds, security lighting, and key-coded gate access gives contractors peace-of-mind that their equipment will be safe while in storage.

Storing materials and equipment in a storage facility also saves you money by protecting them from damage due to weather and pests. Some sensitive equipment and materials can benefit from climate-controlled storage. These special units offer additional protection from temperature and humidity extremes that can damage equipment with electronic components or materials that need to be stored at stable temperatures like paint and caulk. Roofing materials, for example, need to be stored where high heat will not damage the coatings.

Streamline Your Construction Business Operations with Self Storage

iStorage offers convenient drive-up storage units, which allows for easy access for contractors to load and unload their equipment. You can drive right up to the door to pick up what you need. Some equipment, like water saws or air compressors, are bulky and need lots of space. Our large bay doors make moving large equipment in and out a breeze. We have wide, paved driveways that can accommodate large trucks and trailers. With extended access hours, it’s easy to grab your tools and equipment early before the job starts and drop them off after the sun sets. Some construction businesses take advantage of our vehicle storage options as well, parking extra trucks and tractors on-site when not in use with no fear of them being stolen after-hours.

For long-term jobs, choose a storage facility close to the job site. Making quick trips back and forth for tools or materials stored in your unit will save your company time and money compared to longer trips to where your construction business is located. Deliveries of building materials can be accepted at some storage facilities, so contractors can continue working and not have to wait around for supplies to be delivered off-site.

Tool Storage Tips for Contractors

  • Store power or hand tools in plastic bins to keep them protected from dirt. Make sure to label bins for easy identification. Bins can be stacked and transported to the job site easily.
  • Clean tools after each use. Wipe them down with a rag or towel to be sure that they are free of dirt, grease, and debris.
  • Coat the metal parts on tools with a lubricant metal protector spray before storing.
  • Do not place tools directly on the ground. Install shelving inside your storage to keep tools protected and organized.
  • Store long-handled tools in a garbage can or large bin.
  • Power tools should have all surfaces cleaned and completely dry before storage. Spray lubricant on all metal surfaces.

Call iStorage to find out more about how we can help your construction business keep an eye on the bottom line by storing your supplies and equipment securely in a business storage unit. Our friendly, professional staff is here to help you select the best storage option for your business needs.

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