How to Set Up a Home Office the Productive Way

According to FlexJobs’ 5th Annual Super Survey, more than half (51 percent) of people said that their home is their preferred place to work. Whether you work from home full-time or need a dedicated workspace at home for the occasional day away from the office, a functional home office is quickly becoming a must-have in the modern home. In order to achieve maximum productivity while working from home, consider the following tips for how to set up a home office.

Set Up a Home Office That Feels Like a Day at Work

Working from home has a number of benefits, but managing distractions can be difficult. Setting up a laptop on the kitchen table may be tempting, but you may be easily distracted by kids, chores or other home tasks that can draw your mind away from work. Create a separate office space that signals your brain to focus on work tasks when you’re at home.

It’s also important to set up an at-home routine that mimics a normal workday. Getting started at a regular time, dressing as you would for work, and setting “office hours” for yourself will help you be more productive. If you find yourself overworking at home, be sure to take regular breaks to go for a walk, stretch or play with the dog. If you work remote full-time, coffee breaks with friends can help you feel less isolated and alone and boost your energy levels. Plus, it’s that hidden perk that working from home offers. Freely grabbing coffee with friends.

Set Up Your Home Office in the Right Location

Some of the most popular options are a spare bedroom, nook or dedicated room. Many of us have rooms or spaces in our homes that we use infrequently. Often these areas are where clutter and junk tend to accumulate. These are the perfect locations to reclaim for home office space. Clear out the clutter, get a storage unit for items you need limited access to like holiday decoration or collections, and make room for your dream office!

If you have minimal square footage for desk space, consider going UP! Installing high shelving above your work area can create a productive office in a small area. If at all possible, select a location near natural light. This can help you stay alert during the day. Many people choose the option of turning a spare bedroom into a combined work/guest space.

how to set up a home office

Make Sure You Have the Right Technology

Ensure that you have a top-notch internet connection and good computer equipment. If you work from home regularly, you may need to upgrade your internet bandwidth in order to work efficiently and share large files. Make sure you have a computer system that can handle your workload. Setting your computer to back up files to the cloud or an external hard drive at the end of the day is critical. The last thing you want is to lose a full days work due to any technical glitches.

You may also want to consider a nice sound system to play upbeat tunes while you work. A small, high-quality Bluetooth speaker can keep you motivated all day while you’re playing your favorite beats. Avoid having a TV in the room, as the light and noise can keep you from being fully present on your projects. Plus it is much more tempting to binge Westworld if the TV is there already.

How to Set Up a Home Office the Productive Way

Create Storage Solutions That Eliminate Clutter

It’s important to keep your home office space neat and organized when you think about how to set up a home office. Try a minimalist set up on your desk to keep visual distractions to a minimum. Organize paperwork in nested or hanging trays. Get a nice filing cabinet or box to store papers rather than letting them stack up on your desk. Be sure to install plenty of shelving and purchase attractive storage bins that blend into your home environment. If you operate a business where you need to manage lots of inventory or promotional materials, consider renting a business storage unit to organize and house your items until you need them. This will keep you from tripping over fliers, signs or boxes laying around your office and allow you to focus on the tasks at hand.

Add Some Color and Inspiration to Your Home Office

One of our favorite tips on how to set up a home office is to make it yours. Decorating your home office to reflect your personality and aspirations will keep you inspired. One of the benefits of a home office is having the complete freedom to decorate it however you like. Photos of family or friends can help remind you of why you are working. A calendar may help you visually plan and prepare work projects. Inspirational quotes are a fun decorating idea that can help you stay motivated. Anything that inspires your creativity and speaks to you personally can be added to your home office. Including a few live plants can also clean the air and boost your mental capacity. Some people even budget for fresh flowers every week.

The environment you work in can have a tremendous effect on your productivity level. Many studies have been made on how color affects mood and focus. This article from Elle has suggestions for the best home office paint colors from top designers. Try to use soothing colors that inspire without amping you up. Avoid reds and dark colors that either make you anxious or depressed.

Set Up Your Home Office By Decluttering

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