Everything You Need to Know to Deep Clean Your House

Everything You Need to Know to Deep Clean Your House

Are you planning to deep clean your house? Do you want to make it natural and cost-effective? We normally consider deep cleaning before a festival or an event. However, you should consider deep cleaning once in a couple of months to maintain the indoor air quality and the appearance of your home. If you are looking for a natural deep cleaner guide, you can go through the following article. You do not need to hire a professional for a thorough deep cleaning. You can do it on your own with the help of your family. This will make the entire process go much faster.

Why Should You Consider Deep Cleaning?

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Deep cleaning is important for every home. Our indoor air is more polluted than the outside environment. All the pollutants are trapped inside. If you have pets, you can experience accidents more often. Your furniture and rugs will be more susceptible to dirt and dust deposits. Pet owners should follow some pet friendly cleaning tips to maintain the cleanliness of their home. With pets inside, you cannot rely on the deep cleaning always. You will have to take care of the cleaning every day to get rid of the odor and other things associated with pets.

How to Deep Clean A House

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While thinking of deep cleaning, you will have to first focus on your kitchen and birth rooms. These areas need more attention. Here is the step by step for the deep cleaning of your house. Be prepared to spend your time as it might take longer to get an optimal result.

Let’s Start with Your Kitchen

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You will have to clean the appliances including the dishwasher, coffee maker, microwave, and fridge. The list will go on. You will have to find out all the areas that need deep cleaning. For cleaning your dishwasher, you can first use a paper towel to remove food loose bits from the bottom and then you can use a natural cleaning solution for the cleaning.

You need to clean your coffee maker. Here also, you can use a natural solution. Empty the filter and fill it with the same amount of warm water and white vinegar. Turn on the brew cycle and allow it to run for the half-cycle before switching it off. Let it sit for a few minutes and then turn on the machine again. Now you can keep the coffee maker under the running water to rinse out the residue.

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After cleaning your coffee maker, you will have to clean the microwave and fridge. For the microwave cleaning, you can use a coffee pot full of water and lemon slices inside it. Keep it on the microwave and cook the solution for around three minutes on high heat. Keep it as it is for another three minutes and then remove it. This process will loosen all the debris and dirt and then you can easily wipe down the microwave with a paper towel.

Before cleaning the fridge, get rid of all the old food and containers. Take out drawers and shelves and clean them using dishwashing liquid and water. You can also use this combination to wipe down your fridge exterior and remove the spills and stains. To clean your oven, remove the burner and racks and soak them in the warm water. Use a sponge and dishwashing soap to clean them. Follow the cleaning instructions closely.

Next Is Your Bathroom

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Once you are done with your kitchen, you will have to deep clean your bathroom. Start cleaning with your tubs and shower. Use a toothbrush to scrub the showerheads and remove the buildup. Get a natural bathroom cleaner to wipe down your tub and to remove any dirt, soap, and mildew buildup. Use a soft rag and a bathroom cleaner to wash the walls.

Wipe down the countertops and sinks. Before cleaning, you will have to remove all the items from the counter and then use a bathroom cleaner to clean the countertops and sinks. You can use a toothbrush to clean the hard to reach areas. Use a toilet cleaner and toilet brush to clean the toilet. The bathroom cleaner will be effective to clean the top, sides, and the toilet seat.

Now to the Other Areas

After cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, you will have to focus on the cleanliness of your entire home.

Remove Dust from Fans and Fixtures

dust deposits on ceiling fan

For deep cleaning, you will have to use a rag to wipe the dirt from the light fixtures and fans. Remove the glass so that you can clean all the areas. Use a ladder to clean high up light fixtures and fans.

Clean Dust from the Furniture

This is important especially when you have pets in your home. You need to clean the dust and get rid of the odor as well. Move the furniture and use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust and dirt build-ups from the back of the sofa and chairs.

Clean Your Rug

You cannot get a get deep cleaning without cleaning your rugs. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean both sides of the rug. You can simply place your rug on a clean sheet and then use the vacuum for the cleaning. Follow the same method for the other side. If there is a pet urine odor and stains, you might need baking soda treatment to restore the freshness of your rugs.

Treat Walls, Floors, and Windows

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Use your vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from your walls and window frames. You can use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down your doors and windows. The next is your floors. Remove all the dirt and debris from the floor, and then thoroughly wash it.

Pet-friendly Cleaning

If you have pets, you need to disinfect the toys and then use baking soda to get rid of the pet odor.

Wrapping Up

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Deep cleaning can make your home a better place to live in. If any of your family members have respiratory issues, deep cleaning is a must to prevent further complications. Choose weekends for the cleaning and encourage your kids for active participation.