How to Make a Home Music Room

How to Make a Home Music Room

Are you a musician, aspiring musician, or just sick of hearing your kids practice the trombone to get their mandatory practice minutes in? Albeit, that last example was just me growing up. Nonetheless, there is value to be found in having a dedicated music room. Here is a quick rundown of things you should consider for converting a room for this purpose.


This is a no brainer step, or at least it should be. It’s a music room, not a sit around quietly and gaze out the window room. It is going to be loud in here, and you’ll want that to not spread to the rest of the house at all hours, if not for yourself then for your neighbors. There are a few simple, and a few far less simple things that you’ll want to do if you want a truly sound proofed room.


Sound is an oddly destructive force, the reverberations of the waves hitting walls and shelves will shake them. I know that comes as the exact opposite of a surprise. Because of the vibrations, your shelves might collapse. You don’t want that, I don’t want that. Get some sturdy shelves, something that will stand up to your power chords.


Make sure that you have a space that can be adapted into a music room. What I mean here, is that you have the space for it, which probably means putting some things in storage or donating your things. Go with what you think will best suit your current lifestyle, might turn out that you need that sofa that was in the room or maybe it’s old and you wanted to get a new one anyway.


Having single purpose rooms is often a hard sell if you share space with a significant other. This is only made worse if they don’t share your musical inclinations. One good solution for this is a room divider. Now the only complaint is how the room is to be divided. Don’t start with 50/50 if the whole point of this project was making a music space. If you open with 50/50, you’ll end with a 50/50.


Decorating a music room is a special task. You want the whole space to reflect the music that you are playing. If you are doing heavy metal, it doesn’t make sense to have the Hello Kitty curtains – not judging if that’s your aesthetic. That said, you want to be comfortable in your new rec space, so be sure that your couches, chairs, stools, whatever you use are comfortable. This doesn’t mean you need new things, maybe just pull some stuff out of storage, and that would be enough.

This is a good place to get started for your home makeover, and specifically for adding a whole new kind of space. Do you have any spaces that you don’t use or would like some renovation ideas for? Drop a comment below and we’ll add that to the rotation. Now go play some music.