Reasons to Move to Jacksonville, FL

There are few places like Jacksonville, Florida. Sunshine, good people, AND a low cost of living? SIGN US UP. Not that you really need them, but here are a few reasons to move to Jacksonville, FL:

Reasons (Really, Reasons!) To Move to Jacksonville, FL: The Beaches Everywhere

woman on float near the beach

It’s what we always like to imagine the rest of Florida is like. No matter where you live in the city, you are moments from a beach. That’s a lifestyle to grow accustomed to and a great reason to move to Jacksonville, FL – a city with a beach!

Jacksonville Has Low Cost of Living

reasons to move to Jacksonville, FL - the cost of living is low!

A reason to move anywhere, but especially Jacksonville, FL, is that there’s a low cost of living. Jacksonville almost always makes the list for major US cities with a low cost of living. From housing to groceries, it ranks well. However the phrasing needs to work, Jacksonville is a cheap city to live in. In fact, it is not just cheap by city standards, but by Florida standards as well. No excuses if you lived in Florida the whole time now. Save some money and move.

Outdoor Life in Jacksonville is Awesome

family gathered outdoors next to a fire under a starry sky

Are you a hunter, fisherman, or general outdoorsman? There are tons of reasons for the more outdoor inclined to move to Jacksonville, FL that don’t just involve the beach. St. John’s River is a veritable who’s who of hunting, fishing, and camping grounds. It also makes for good boating and water skiing grounds when the season is on for that. When the season doesn’t support your hobby, put your stuff into a convenient Jacksonville storage unit.

The Weather in Jacksonville, FL is GREAT

reasons to move to Jacksonville, FL - the weather is great!

The weather in Jacksonville is stellar. It has all the wonderful parts of being in a tropical zone without all of the scary parts. Nice balmy summer days, and cool but not cold winters. The city hasn’t seen true snowfall in 1989, back in the far flung days ALF and Cheers. Most January’s you don’t even need much more than a light jacket. (If one wardrobe to deal with isn’t enough of a reason to move to Jacksonville, FL, we don’t know what is!) While Florida has a reputation for hurricanes, one has not made landfall near Jacksonville since Dora in 1964. If ever there is a safe track-record of not being hit with a hurricane while being a beachfront city in Florida, it’s Jacksonville.

Whatever your reason for moving, whatever drives you to succeed or seek opportunity, Jacksonville, Florida is a great choice.