How is Living in Jacksonville, FL?

Jacksonville is often overlooked when it comes to the eastern coast of Florida. Sometimes it’s compared directly to places like Miami… and that’s just a tough act to follow. If you’re wanting to know “how is living in Jacksonville, FL?”, you’ve come to the right place!

So Many Trails

Stairway to a scenic view

How is living in Jacksonville, FL if you’re an outdoor enthusiast? Well, there are dozens of trails to explore in Jacksonville! If you need an excuse to be outside, or you just like hiking around the wilderness, check out the Kings Road Historical Park. It features Thomas Creek Conservation, which is one of the most well-maintained nature walks in the area. It features five-miles of hiking trails and is open for hunting during the season. If that’s the only attractive thing about this trail, then that is still a win!

Art Markets

Art Fair in the woods - living in jacksonville FL is full of gorgeous markets like this

How is living in Jacksonville, FL if you’re not exactly a city slicker? Jacksonville has the Riverside Arts Market. Every Saturday om the early afternoon artists show off their works, ranging from handmade pottery to silk-screened shirts. If art isn’t exactly something that is of interest to you personally, you’re in luck. The art market has a farmer’s market, which functionally makes it a one-stop-shop for supporting local businesses. More to the point, farmer’s markets have great deals including fill an entire bag full of vegetables for $10. Go check it out and help some local businesses.


How’s living in Jacksonville, FL if you have a family to entertain? Amazing! For instance, the Jacksonville zoo has over 2,000 rare and exotic animals and features an award-winning tiger exhibit. Let’s face it, the big cats are really what you were there to see, and when your tiger exhibit is award-winning, there is already a massive edge in your favor. That is before we through the award-winning jaguar exhibit. Now it isn’t even fair. It’s a must-see feature, and the best part is that the zoo is open year-round.

If after you move to Jacksonville, you find that you have more stuff than you thought, or you just acquire stuff as you build a home there it might be worth your while to consider some self-storage solutions. They offer climate-controlled and drive-up storage solutions that will fit any budget. Go check them out!