What’s the Cost of Living in Mesa, Arizona?

Are you planning to move to beautiful Mesa, AZ, sometime soon? If yes, you probably want to know the cost of living in Mesa, AZ.

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Cost of Living in Mesa

The good news is that Mesa is one of the Best Places to Live in America. (We’re #19!) The bad news? Housing prices here are going up relatively fast. Some other costs help balance that out, though, so it’s not all bad news. If you’re keen to find out what other expenses will cost in Mesa, AZ, read on! We’ve got the full scoop on what life costs here out west!

Our Overall Cost of Living is Average for the U.S. – 104/100

A score of 104/100 means that Mesa’s living cost is almost the same as the U.S. average, which is good. It means we’re not an expensive city, although we’re not the cheapest city to live in, either. As we’ll see below, the two indexes that cost the most here are transportation and housing. The rest are all slightly below the national average.

Cost of Living Mesa, AZ: Housing – 109/100

While Mesa isn’t on a par with, say, Los Angeles (thank goodness), our housing prices are a little high. 109/100 means we pay almost 10% more for our homes here. That’s not the end of the world, but, as they say, every little bit helps. Some of Mesa’s neighborhoods are cheaper than others, so it’s recommended you look long and well. A few extra days of searching could save you thousands of dollars.

Cost of Living in Mesa

Cost of Living Mesa, AZ: Transportation – 114/100

It’s odd to see transportation costs be the highest cost in a city, but in Mesa, AZ, it is. That’s due, in most part, to the fact that gasoline here is more expensive. For example, the average cost of a gallon of gas in the United States is $2.62. In Phoenix, the average cost is $2.50, but in Mesa, the average cost for a gallon of gas is $2.75. It might not seem like a huge difference but, over a year’s worth of driving, it can be. Luckily, the commuting time in Mesa is 24.8 minutes, about two minutes below the national average. That will at least save you a few extra bucks every year.

Cost of Living Mesa, AZ: Utilities – 100/100

Not much to see here. Utility costs in Mesa are precisely the same as the national average. Remember that we rarely need to use the heat, but the AC is on nearly every day. That means a low gas bill but a higher electric bill. Miscellaneous costs equal the country’s average, too. You won’t pay more for internet, your phone, and other sundry items in Mesa (but you won’t pay less).

Cost of Living Mesa, AZ: Groceries – 97/100

You’ll pay slightly less for groceries here than most of the United States, which is always good news. Like we always say, every little bit helps. A few extra bucks saved every week can add up to many bucks at the end of the year. below are a few grocery prices to help you compare:

  • Gallon of Milk = $2.60
  • Loaf of Bread = $2.25
  • Pound of Chicken = $2.90
  • Dozen Eggs = $2.10
  • Pound of Bananas = $0.72

Healthcare is More Affordable in Mesa – 92/100

It’s shocking to see healthcare as the most affordable living cost in any city. In Mesa, though, it is, and at 92/100, it’s pretty reasonable. One reason might be that there are several excellent hospitals here, and healthcare is very high. Also, as far as air and water quality are concerned, Mesa’s are both good. (Not great, but not the worst.)

Cost of Living in Mesa

The Best Jobs in Mesa, AZ

Now that you know the cost of living in Mesa, what is the job situation like? The unemployment rate in Mesa is just slightly above the national average at 4.7%. (Not terrible.) Below are some of the highest-paying jobs you’ll find here:

  • Architectural engineer $70,000.
  • Attorney and legal services. $55,800.
  • Management executive. $59,000.
  • Teacher. $36,000.
  • Healthcare Provider. $65,500.
  • Firefighter. $28,000.

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