Living on the Cape: Life in Cape Coral, Florida

Living on the Cape: Life in Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral, the Gotham City to Fort Meyers’ Metropolis, is often outshined by Fort Meyers; much like how Metropolis always seemed like a nicer place than Gotham. That, however, is unfair, as Cape Coral is a truly wonderful place, bursting at the seams with activities for all ages. If you are considering a family trip to Florida, or relocating to the area, here are a few of the truly great things about Cape Coral that you should know before you come down.

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There is a Festival Right Now

Seriously, there are always festivals or community events being put on. In any given month there will be anywhere between one and four festivals – although not all of them are official city festivals. August features an informal dog show. Any size dog can compete in the events, and it is a lot of fun for dogs and owners alike. If you have dogs, like dogs, or have the dream of someday petting all the dogs, this might be the place for you.

Sun Splash Family Waterpark

I’ll be honest, I have always thought it was weird that waterparks exist when the beach is just around the corner, but this park reminds me, “oh yea, waterparks are just fun.” Attractions include Cape Fear, a thirty-foot high platform through a dark tunnel; Drop Slides, which simulate a free-fall experience for a high-speed slide; and, of course, Main Stream River, a gently flowing and relaxing river to just unwind after a full day of fun, or just to get away from it all. Sun Splash has plenty to keep you and your family busy and makes for a great day trip before school starts back up again.


I touched on this, if only briefly earlier, but Cape Coral is a beach town and therefore has beaches. Or do the beaches have a town, it is difficult to say what owns what when talking in the abstract. In any case, there are two well maintained public beaches – the Yacht Club Community Park being the favored park. It features a covered playground area and grills, therefore making for a great family weekend destination. Be warned, however, alcohol is not permitted at any of Cape Coral’s beaches, so if you were planning on having a massive beach blow-out like an 80’s beach movie, think again.

Farmer’s Market

If you have never gone to a farmer’s market, this might not sound like an activity, but it really is. In addition to offering incredible deals for fresh, locally sourced produce, there are plenty of live musicians and entertainers. It makes for probably one of the healthiest way to spend a morning. Well, short of going to the gym, but who really wants to do that?

Cape Coral has loads of activities to offer; it is the perfect location for family to settle down, or a great place to spend a brief summer trip. Take advantage of the activities that are around, and be sure to be engaged with that community.

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