7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Living in Cape Coral FL

Living in Cape Coral, FL isn’t just great because the cost of living for a beach town is so low. In the last decade, Cape Coral has registered steady growth, so much so that Forbes gave it the title of ‘fastest-growing city’ in the US in 2017. But what brings people to Cape Coral and makes them stay? It’s no coincidence that this population boom happens now when taxes and crime are low, and opportunities abound. And then there’s the scenery… #drool

8 Reasons Why You’ll Love Living in Cape Coral

Is Cape Coral a good place to live? Well, we’ve already answered that! Now, let’s cover the cost of living in Cape Coral FL, the unemployment rate, the activities, and the community:

cape coral boating

1. Living in Cape Coral is a Water-Wonderland

No, really, that’s the city’s nickname. Situated between the Caloosahatchee River and the Matlacha Pass, Cape Coral is home to roughly 400 miles of canals. This makes it the city with the most miles of navigable waterways, way ahead of Venice, Italy. With so much water around, Cape Coral is a waterfront property paradise.

2. Cape Coral Has Very Low Unemployment Rate

People need jobs, even when living in a beautiful location such as Cape Coral. Luckily, the job market mirrors the steady population growth and is also one of its causes. The unemployment rate is under four percent while job growth over the next decade is predicted at roughly 44%. The majority of jobs are in education, healthcare, and construction.

3. Cost of Living in Cape Coral, FL is Great!

The cost of living in Cape Coral, FL is low for beach areas and right on par with the national average of cost of living. That’s a hard deal to beat! The average home price is $231k, and so is the national average. That’s pretty amazing when you count in that FL has some of the best beach playgrounds in the US!

image of cape coral beach -- the cost of living in cape coral fl is on par with national average but you get THIS view!

4. The Beach is… AMAZING.

Cape Coral has two beaches that its residents can enjoy. The oldest is within the Yacht Club Community Park while the newest is at Four Freedoms Park. You can enjoy the scenery and sunbathe but also make use of the picnic tables, grills, and other amenities.

5. The Fauna and Flora

If you’re a nature enthusiast, Cape Coral is the perfect place to be. You can visit the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve and observe eagles, herons, snakes and tortoises in their natural habitat. You can walk through the Mangrove Forest or go kayaking if you’re feeling bold enough. And speaking of kayaks, the Manatee Guide‘s Nature Kayak Tours is just a stone throw away in Fort Myers.

6. A Great College

Also close, in Fort Myers, there’s the Florida Gulf Coast University with its 51 undergraduate, 28 graduate and two doctoral degree programs. The FGCU also hosts 20 sororities and fraternities and more than 20 sports clubs. There are also 180 active student organizations.

Tour De Cape Bike Race -- the cost of living here is on par with the national average, but this bike friendly town gives you the opportunity to cut some of that cost down

7. Great for Sports

If you like running or biking, you can take part in the Tour de Cape. It takes place once a year, and there’s room for everyone, including children who can take part in their own 5k marathon. The bike tours have routes from 15 to 100 miles long. Cape Coral is also home to Eagle Skate Park and Cape Coral BMX Park.

Florida Everglades

8. The Walt Disney World Resort and Attractions

Orlando’s greatest attraction, the Walt Disney World Resort, is only a three-hour drive away from Cape Coral which makes it ideal for a weekend trip with the family. You can also visit the Everglades or Sanibel Island in the Gulf of Mexico.

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