The Notable Pros and Cons of Living in White House, TN

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Are you gearing up to move to lovely White House, TN? If yes, great choice! White House is a beautiful place, heavily wooded with low crime and fantastic weather. There’s gorgeous scenery all around, the cost of living is affordable, and the food here is delicious. Another reason to live in White House, TN, is that it’s the 2nd cheapest state in the country. That’s good news for many American families looking to save money on their monthly bills.

Of course, White House, TN has a few drawbacks just like every U.S. city. We’ll look at the good and not-so-good things about this Tennessee town below. That’s where you’ll find the notable pros and cons of living in White House, TN. So read on if you’re keen on discovering everything about your new town today!

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PRO- Public Schools in White House are Highly Rated

If you have young children at home, you’ll be glad to know public schools in White House get excellent grades. White House Middle School, for example, is the #68 Best Public Middle School in Tennessee. The #5 Best Public High School? That would be Merrol Hyde Magnet School, which is rated A+. Of the nine public schools in Whitehouse, TN, all but one gets a B or better grade. So, if providing your children an excellent education is your goal, living in Whitehouse, TN will help you achieve it.

CON- Transportation Costs in White House, TN are Higher than Average

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For families with at least one parent who commutes, White House, TN, can be a bit problematic. That’s because transportation costs here are almost 10% higher than the national average. Costs like gasoline, car repairs, maintenance, and highway taxes will set you back 10% more. It’s not a huge con, by any means, but it can add up for daily commuters.

PRO- The Comfort Index in White House, TN is Excellent

With a comfort index of 7.2/10, White House, TN,  offers good weather throughout the year. There is a change of seasons here, especially from fall to winter. However, the difference is barely noticeable from winter to spring and spring into summer. That’s because, during those seasons, temperatures are typically mild and pleasant. White House doesn’t get ridiculously hot in summer or cold in winter. In short, it’s a comfortable place to live year-round with enough seasonal change to please those who enjoy it.

CON- There’s a Lack of Outdoor Activities in White House, TN

There’s no denying that some people would call White House, TN, a boring place. Sure, there are the usual attractions for kids but, for adults, not much else. Most of the fun and exciting activities are in Nashville, which, luckily, is just down the road. (It’s about a 30-minute drive.) However, we would be remiss if we didn’t report there are excellent bike paths throughout the town. Also, some well-groomed walking paths take you through beautiful, wooded areas. Still, for younger folks looking for excitement, you’ll have to go to Nashville to find it.

PRO- White House, TN Has Very Low Taxes

One excellent Pro of living in the Volunteer State is that there’s no state income tax. There’s also no income tax on social security benefits, pensions, or retirement plan distributions. The overall tax rate in Tennessee is nearly 26% lower than the United States average. That makes Tennessee the third-lowest state overall for taxes. Surprisingly, it’s almost 6% cheaper to live in Tennessee than in Florida, one of the lowest states for taxes in the nation. Of all the pros and cons of living in Whitehouse, TN, low taxes are among the biggest Pros.

CON- The Median Home Cost in White House, TN is Above Average

Taxes in Tennessee might be low, but the median home cost in White House, TN is above average. It’s just under $300,000 compared to the US average of $292,000. Yes, that’s only a difference of $8,000, which isn’t huge by any means. Still, many states have an average median home cost that’s much lower and more affordable. In short, living in White House, TN might be challenging for families looking to reduce their monthly bills significantly.

PRO- White House, TN is a Good Place to Raise a Family

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According to Niche, White House, TN is the #1 Best Place to Raise a Family in Robertson County. They mention the fact that public schools, diversity, and crime rates are all excellent, as well as the weather. Residents say it’s a safe, quiet town insulated from the higher crime rates in other parts of Tennessee. The only drawback is the lack of outdoor activities, as we mentioned above. Besides that, however, if you’ve got a family to raise, White House, TN is a great choice.

White House, TN is a Peaceful Place to Live and Work

We think you’ll agree that White House, Tennessee is a peaceful place to live, work, and raise a family. White House might be a little bit dull and uneventful but, for some, that’s just the way they like it.

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