Moving To Birmingham Guide

Skyline view of downtown Birmingham during sunset

Are you planning on moving to Birmingham, Alabama? If so, we have the information you are looking for! Birmingham offers some of the country’s lowest real estate prices, excellent healthcare, and is on par with New York in terms of cuisine. The Birmingham Moving Guide, below, has everything you need to know about this fine southern city.

Relocating to Birmingham, AL

Relocating to Birmingham could be relatively easy or a huge chore, depending on where you live. You might need a moving company and professional movers to get here, or you can do the job yourself. Whatever you decide, completing the list of things to do before you arrive in Birmingham is critical to a stress-free move. Some of the most important include the following:

  • Arranging movers if you need a moving company
  • Reserve a moving truck if you plan to do the moving
  • Pack all your things if you do the moving
  • Sell, donate, or trash anything you don’t need, use, or want. (Movers charge by weight!)
  • Disconnect all utilities in your current home
  • Find storage in Birmingham.
  • Gather up all your important documents and paperwork, including medical files, veterinary files, school transcripts, professional licenses, and vehicle titles

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Birmingham, AL?

With over 202,000 souls, Birmingham is a big city with many neighborhoods and communities. Some are fantastic, others not so much. You must choose well, especially if you have school-age children. Below are the 10 best neighborhoods in the city in no particular order.

Five Points South- A walkable community with excellent restaurants and parks.

Crestline- Urban and suburban mix with 3 quaint communities nestled together.

Central City- Revitalized area with a  laid-back vibe, good restaurants, and the Birmingham Museum of Art

Homewood- Another walkable neighborhood known as one of the best in Birmingham.

Crestwood South- A close-knit community with more than its fair share of top amenities.

Hoover- One of the best places to live in the city, especially for young professionals.

Crestwood North- Many say it’s the most affordable neighborhood in the entire city as well as being very safe.

Druid Hills- The heart of modern Birmingham, this community has everything, including the vibrant Uptown Entertainment District.

Fountain Heights- One of the city’s most historic areas.

Mountain Brook- An upscale suburb with more amenities and things to do than most.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Birmingham, AL

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Like all American cities, Birmingham has some excellent points and a few bad points. If you’re moving here, you should know about the good and the bad, so we put together the 2 lists below.

Pros of Moving to Birmingham

  • A genuinely affordable cost of living
  • Many opportunities for outdoor activities and adventure
  • Birmingham’s cuisine and beer are top-notch, with a Michelin-starred restaurant in the city.
  • The live music scene is breathtaking!
  • The weather is warm and sunny most of the year
  • The city is highly diverse, with many peoples and cultures
  • Housing and real estate prices are very low
  • Plenty of green spaces, including the spectacular Red Mountain Park
  • Home to the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Cons of Moving to Birmingham

  • Many places close on Sunday
  • Crime rates are high and getting worse
  • Tornadoes and severe weather are a real threat
  • The public schools are a mess
  • Young professionals overlook Birmingham

What is the Cost of Living Like in Birmingham, AL?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that Birmingham is a very affordable city. The biggest reason is real estate prices, which are incredibly cheap here. The housing cost index in Birmingham is 27.1 / 100, nearly 75% lower than the national average. That makes living in Birmingham much more reasonable for many families. You should note that most other cost indices are closer to the average except, unfortunately, health care, which is 122 / 100, 22 points higher than the average. Still, with cheap housing prices, the Birmingham metro area is a genuine bargain. Below are the rest of the cost indices in Birmingham for comparison. (Please note that 100 is the national average.)

Overall- 75.7

Housing- 27.1 (Incredibly low!)

Miscellaneous- 82.6

Transportation- 88.4

Groceries- 93.3

Utilities- 101

Healthcare- 122

Median Home Price- $101,300

(The U.S. average is triple that at $338,100!)

What is Birmingham Known For?

Military serviceman hugging son holding American Flag

You may be surprised that Veterans Day, the annual celebration of our U.S. Military veterans, began in Birmingham. The biggest Veterans Day celebration is held in the city annually. Birmingham is also the only location on the planet where all the raw ingredients needed to make iron are available, including iron ore, coal, and limestone. For this reason, Birmingham, AL, has long been called the “Magic City.” (Don’t miss the Vulcan statue, the largest in the world made of cast iron!)

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