Secure Semi Truck Parking: The Ultimate Guide

Secure Semi Truck Parking: The Ultimate Guide

Commercial trucking is a fantastic way to make a living, but finding secure semi truck parking is no joke. Many homeowners’ associations, neighborhoods, and city ordinances prohibit parking your truck on your property. However, if you leave your semi truck in an unsecured location, it’s vulnerable to theft and vandalism. One solution to this problem is to park your semi-truck at a secure self-storage facility

In this article, we’ll talk about all the reasons why you should consider parking your semi-truck at a secure self-storage facility. We’ll also touch on the right way to prep your semi-truck for both long and short-term storage. So read along, and if you have any questions at the end, contact an iStorage expert.

Why Store Your Truck at a Self-Storage Facility?

There are several reasons why you should consider secure semi truck parking at a storage facility. Purchasing a semi is an investment. Like any investment, you want to protect it. Here’s how storage facilities will do just that.

Secure Semi Truck Parking Means Safety

One of the biggest advantages to storing your semi at a storage facility is safety. The truth is that many things can happen out on the street, and many of them are bad. Your tires can get slashed. Your windshield could get smashed. Someone might break in and steal your tools or gear. All of these things can happen, but not if your semi truck is safely parked in a storage facility. There it will be under 24/7 security and, during the day, the watchful eye of the on-site manager.

Secure Semi Truck Parking is Convenient 

When you store your semi-truck at a storage facility, you can drive it in, park it, and walk away. There’s no fear of illegal parking and no worry that it will get damaged. It’s easy to get in through the large front gate, too, and turning is a breeze. You don’t need to find a parking spot, worry about getting a ticket, nothing. It’s truly the stress-free way to park a semi-truck!

It’s Not Under Any Trees That Can Fall and Cause Damage

If you live in an area of the country with a lot of wind, falling trees can be a hazard. That’s especially true if you have to park your semi-truck underneath them. However, at a storage facility, there won’t be anything hanging over the roof of your truck. That means you won’t come back from a break or vacation to find your semi has been massively damaged.

Storage Facilities are Usually Located Near Big Roads

The beauty of parking at a storage facility is that, once you’re ready, getting back on the road is easy. We locate most of our facilities close to a large road or highway. That means you’ll always be near a gas station and all the diesel fuel you need. You’ll get back out on the open highway with less fuss and stress.

Risk Of Vandalism to Your Semi Truck is Zero

In many large (and even small) cities these days, vandalism is a real problem. If you go away and leave your semi truck unprotected, you may come back to find out it’s been ‘tagged.’ (That means it was spray-painted with someone’s mark like a dog marks its territory.) Not only will that look bad, but it will also cost a pretty penny to have removed. When you park at a storage facility, the risk of vandalism to your truck is zero. Nobody gets in and out of the facility unless they know the code to the front gate.

This is especially true with iStorage. We take extra steps to ensure the security of your semi truck. As mentioned, our facilities are fully fenced with gate code access. This allows us to know who comes and goes from the facility and when. Our facilities also feature video monitoring in case anything happens. Additionally, our facilities are well-lit for the safety of all of our tenants.

You Won’t Bother Your Neighbors with Your Rig

Here’s the thing; semi-trucks can be very loud (besides being extremely huge). If you live in a community and have nice neighbors, they may not appreciate hearing your semi-truck all the time. Depending on where you have to park it, they also might not appreciate having to drive around it. When you park at a storage facility, all of those problems go out the proverbial window. That makes for much nicer conversations between you and the folks who live next door.

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How to Store Your Semi Truck at a Self-Storage Facility

Have we convinced you that secure semi truck parking at a self-storage facility is the way to go? If so, the first step is deciding what size and kind of storage you’re going to need. iStorage offers uncovered semi truck parking, and at some sites, covered semi truck parking. The size of your semi truck will be a major factor in determining the square footage you need in a parking space. The on-site managers at iStorage are experts in storage solutions and can work with you to decide which option best fits your needs and budget. After you’ve gotten your parking area straightened out, it’s time to prep your semi truck. Here are all of our tips and tricks on how to store your baby for the long haul. 

Change the Oil and Fluids Before Storing, Especially Long-Term

One of the worst things that can happen to any vehicle when stored is condensation. Condensation can build up in your semi truck’s fluids and ruin them. No, thank you! That includes oil, coolant, and other fluids. That’s why we recommend that you change all the fluids before storing your semi-truck. Flushing out all the systems is an excellent idea as well. Replacing the fuel and water filters isn’t a bad idea either. (That’s especially true if you’re going to store your semi long-term.) Lastly, we also suggest topping-off your fuel tanks.

Make Sure To Drain Your Air Tanks on Your Semi Truck

When storing your semi long-term, you should drain the wet, primary, and secondary air tanks. If you don’t, water that collects due to your air compressor and filter assembly can cause rust. That rust will do significant damage to your air brake system. Even worse, that damage can be hard to find, leaving you in a less-than-ideal situation. 

Deep-Clean Your Semi Truck 

Who doesn’t want to come back to a nice, clean vehicle when it’s time to drive it again? Whether you do it yourself or go to a truck wash, washing your semi before storage is very much recommended. Also, having a nice, fresh coat of wax put on will help protect your semi’s paint job. You should also clean the interior thoroughly. That way, when you go back to work, you won’t encounter any weird smells or odors inside. Be sure to remove any food packaging or anything that would attract vermin or insects.

Take Pictures for the Most Secure Semi Truck Parking

Here’s the thing; storage facilities are usually quite safe. However, we always suggest you take plenty of pictures of your truck from the side, back, and front after you park it in your secure spot. That way, if there is any damage when you return, you’ll have proof that it wasn’t your fault. Hopefully, nothing happens. But, if it does, you’ll be glad to have photographic proof when you go to your insurance company. We suggest reading more about our insurance policy and to contact your local iStorage expert with any insurance-related questions. 

Hook Up a Trickle Charger to Your Semi Truck

Even with a parked truck, the electrical system will still draw power from the battery. If you leave it stored for a long time, you may come back to a dead battery, which can be problematic. To avoid this, you should hook up a trickle charger to your batteries. Trickle chargers are relatively inexpensive and use very little energy.

Some trucks have a main power switch and, if yours does, you should shut it off. That way, nothing at all will be drawing on your battery while you’re away. By the way, some truckers bring their batteries home and trickle charge them there. It’s a bit more work but, if that gives you peace of mind, do it!

Make Sure Your Tires are at the Correct Pressure

The last thing you want is to come back from time off or vacation and find your semi truck tires flat. That’s why making sure they aren’t leaking and filling them to the required specs is a good idea. It will also help your tires stay in good condition and allow you to get back on the road faster.

Quick Tips for Secure Semi Truck Parking

If you’re only going to be away from your semi truck for a short time, we suggest doing the following things to ensure the longevity of your rig.

  • Check your mirrors before parking and give yourself plenty of space
  • Always set your parking brakes and release them before leaving to protect against critical brake failure
  • Inspect your semi after you park it for any damage or mechanical issues
  • Make sure all the lights, signals, and other equipment are turned off to keep from draining the batteries
  • Inspect your truck, trailer, and cargo before starting your journey, don’t let something as simple as low fluids or a burnt-out light ruin your trip
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Secure Semi Truck Parking with iStorage

Finding secure semi truck parking is not an easy task. Don’t take any chances and leave your semi truck in an unsecured location, With a storage unit, a semi truck is not vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Consider parking your semi-truck at a secure self-storage facility. Talk to the storage experts at iStorage to identify the best semi storage option for you and learn about our move-in promotions today.

This post was originally written on 5/1/2018
It was updated on 11/18/2020