The Best Cute Homemade Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Raise your hand if you think that buying gifts for your girlfriend can get exhausting. (Us too.) It’s not that you don’t want to buy something special for the lady in your life. Far from it, actually. It’s just that finding the perfect gift is no joke. If that’s you, buying a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift can get stressful. Not to mention the cost of that perfect gift. Here’s an idea: give her something homemade! She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness, and you’ll save on cost! That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best cute homemade gifts for your girlfriend.

The Best Cute Homemade Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Why It’s A Great Idea to Make Homemade Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Here’s a tip; making a gift for your girlfriend shows her you care. Anyone can go out and buy something! Of course, it’s a nice gesture. However, clicking ‘purchase’ doesn’t require all that much effort. Therefore, if you make her something, the message is clear; you’re thinking about her! Spending time and effort to make a gift is a sweet gesture. If you’re new in your relationship, you might not know what your girlfriend likes. Making a gift allows you to use your creativity. Even if it’s not perfect, she’s still going to appreciate it! You can’t put a price on a homemade gift for your girlfriend. No matter what it might have cost, the effort is what’s important.

Most of these homemade gifts are small and easy to hide. But, if you do something big, you may need to rent a storage unit to hide it. For example, furniture! Who doesn’t love furniture? Homemade furniture like chests, tables, etc. are unique. Renting a storage unit to hide those homemade gifts would make perfect sense – plus, they’re cheap.

The Best Homemade Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Below are some of the best DIY and homemade gifts we found on the web. All of them are simple to create and would be a cute homemade gift for your girlfriend.

Hand Soap In a Mason Jar

Making hand soap is surprisingly easy! Plus, a mason jar can make pretty much anything look attractive. You can use it in the kitchen or bathroom. Bonus, it will remind your gf of you every time she washes her hands! (You could make enough to give to your sister or your Mom too!) Here’s a DIY guide on how to make this cute homemade gift for your girlfriend.

A Chalkboard Mug

If your girlfriend likes coffee, tea, or cocoa, a chalkboard mug is the perfect cute homemade gift! That way, she can doodle while she drinks and thinks of you! Plus, you can write her a new message every day to say how much you love her! (Awww.) Here’s how to make this simple gift:

  1. Pick the perfect mug – Try going to a thrift store or somewhere like Target to get a trendy-shaped mug. Wash the mug thoroughly with soap and wipe it down with rubbing alcohol to ensure the paint will adhere well to the surface.
  2. Decide if you want to paint the whole mug – If you want to get really creative, you can create a shape, like a heart (oooo!), with masking tape, and just painting that part. Don’t paint inside the mug; the paint can come off in your girlfriend’s drink. Ick!
  3. Get the right paint – We suggest a liquid chalkboard paint from Micheal’s or an art supply store. These are also available in spray paint but make sure the spray paint is food-safe.
  4. Seal the paint – Once you’ve painted your mug, let it dry for a minimum of 24 hours. Remove any tape that remains and place the mug in a cold oven. Set the oven to 300F (150C). When the temperature of the oven reaches 300F, turn on your timer for 35 minutes.
  5. Write a cute message – Because “Happy birthday” looks so much better written in chalk.

A Set Of Scrabble Coasters

Scrabble is one of the most popular board games in the United States! If your girlfriend is a wordsmith, a set of homemade Scrabble coasters would be perfect! They’re just the right amount of adorable and, even better, they’ll protect the furniture from water stains! Here’s a short video on how to make a set of scrabble coasters courtesy of Home Sweet Crafting:

Jar of Memories

Want an easy cute homemade gift for your girlfriend? It’s called a “Jar of Memories,” and, as the name suggests, it’s a jar, and it’s filled with memories. In this case, however, the ‘memories’ are trinkets and tchotchkes collected from your trips, adventures, and experiences as a couple. The ticket stub from your first movie date, for example, or the wristband from a concert you saw together. Anything small works great, like a matchbook, napkin with a love note, a shell from your beach trip, whatever. Now, be aware; the sentimental value here is off the charts. Expect a tear or two! And, again, it’s easy! Here’s how to make a Jar of Memories.

  1. Buy a large-ish, attractive jar with a lid.
  2. Fill the Jar with ‘memories.’
  3. Close the lid
  4. Wrap the cute homemade gift with a bow
  5. Win all the girlfriend points!

The Best Virtual Gifts For Girlfriend

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, sending a virtual gift is a great solution at gift-giving time. Finding a good one to give is the key, of course. You should find one that’s fun, interesting, informative (or a combination of all three). After some research, our choice for the best virtual gift for a girlfriend is a course on learning a new language. If your girlfriend is living overseas, this is a thoughtful gift that she’s sure to appreciate.

The Best Cute Homemade Gifts for Your Girlfriend virtual gift

Best Of Luck With Your Cute Homemade Gift for Your Girlfriend

We hope this guide helped you figure out what to do as the gift-giving time approaches. At the end of the day, remember this; it’s the thought that counts. Use that as your mantra when shopping for a perfect gift for your girlfriend, and you’ll never go wrong!