The Cost of Living in Conroe, TX

Conroe, Texas, is a great choice for outdoor activities and adventure! This mid-sized Southern city has so much natural beauty! Sam Houston National Forest borders Conroe to the northeast and W Goodrich Jones State Forest to the south! You also have Lake Conroe and 22,000 acres of fishing and boating fun to the north! In other words, outdoor adventures, hiking, biking, fishing, and more await you in Conroe! And for information on the cost of living in Conroe, TX, keep reading!

From the cost of housing to groceries, transportation, and more, all based on data. Read on to empower yourself and make educated decisions when you arrive in Conroe, Texas.

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NOTE: The cost indices below are based on the national average of 100. A cost index of 80/100 is 20% lower than the U.S. average. So an index of 120/100 would be 20% higher.

The Overall Cost of Living in Conroe, TX 95/100

Any time the cost of living is below the US average, it’s good news. Now, Conroe, Texas, won’t win any awards for being the cheapest city in America. But the score of 95 / 100, means Conroe is 5% cheaper than the US average. It means prices are fair and affordable. Conroe doesn’t have a single cost index above the national average, which is fairly rare. Considering everything Conroe, Texas offers, the cost of living here is quite reasonable.

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Housing Costs  91/100

As in many American cities, the overall cost of living is typically dictated by the cost of housing. In Conroe, Texas, housing costs are almost 10% below the national average, 91/100. Our median home cost is $258,500 is a doable price for many American families. Unfortunately, rental prices in Conroe are a little higher than the national average. That’s likely influenced by the fact that almost 50% of people here rent rather than own. Still, paying 10% less than the national average for your home is pretty great.

Grocery Costs in Conroe  97/100

Putting delicious, healthy food on your family’s table is critical, no matter your city or town. You won’t save a lot of money on groceries in Conroe, Texas, but you won’t spend a lot more either. Our grocery cost index of 97 / 100 is 3% less than the national average. Also, 3% of $450 (the average monthly grocery bill) equals about $160.00 in savings over a year. No matter your finances, that’s a nice chunk of change.

Conroe, TX, Health Care Costs 96/100

Like the others, the healthcare costs in Conroe, Texas, are below the national average at 96/100. So, you won’t save a huge amount on healthcare costs. Then again, you won’t spend a lot more, either, good news for retirees and families with children.

The Cost of Utilities in Conroe 99/100

For most American families, the cost of utilities is one of their larger monthly expenses. The cost of utilities like gas, electricity, water, internet services, and garbage are average in Conroe. Considering our city gets about seven months a year of hot, sunny weather, even a 1% savings will be helpful. (You’ll be using your AC often.)

Conroe’s Transportation Costs 92/100

The cost of filling up your car, maintaining it, and repairing it when needed is almost 10% less in Conroe, TX. That goes for the cost of highway taxes and fees, licensing, and registration. Unfortunately, Conroe has long commuting times, almost 29 minutes one way. (Two minutes longer than the national average.) Still, we’d be willing to bet most Americans would gladly save 8% on their transportation costs. In Conroe, TX, you’ll get that discount every day.

the cost of living in Conroe TX

Miscellaneous Costs 100/100

Manicures, hair cuts, new clothes, and electronics cost the same in Conroe, TX, as they do in most American cities. That goes for all miscellaneous expenses.

The Cost of Living in Conroe, TX is Affordable!

As we said at the outset, Conroe, Texas, won’t win any awards for being the cheapest city in America. But, when you look at everything Conroe offers, we think you’ll agree it’s an affordable place to live.

There’s a good reason Conroe is the fastest-growing city in Texas. You’ll find amazing cuisine here featuring a wide variety of farm-to-table delights. Conroe boasts three craft breweries and a gorgeous vineyard for mouthwatering adult beverages. Our downtown area is one of the most attractive in the state, with live music and beautiful galleries. You’ll also find a wide variety of outdoor opportunities for fun and adventure. From fishing and hiking to birding, biking, boating, and more, outdoor life is everywhere you look in Conroe, TX. (96 miles of awe-inspiring hiking along the Lone Star Hiking Trail? Yes, please!

the cost of living in Conroe TX

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