The Pros and Cons of Living in La Marque, TX

There are pros and cons to living in any city, and La Marque, TX is no different! If you’re thinking of moving here, you’re probably wondering what it’s like to live here. How is La Marque’s economy, and what about the quality of the public schools here? Does La Marque offer exciting nightlife, and is the crime rate here acceptable? So let’s find out all the pros and cons of living in La Marque, TX!

But, First, What’s it Like Living in La Marque?

As the gateway to the Gulf of Mexico, La Marque, TX, is a sportsman’s paradise. Considering all the outdoor amenities we offer, including fishing, boating, and much more, that’s no surprise. What is surprising to some is that La Marque also offers world-class entertainment and healthcare plus pleasant weather all year.

Pro: The Cost of Living is Affordable

First is our favorite pro on this list of pros and cons of living in La Marque, TX: the affordable cost of living! With an overall cost index of 83/100, La Marque, TX is an affordable American city. You’ll save nearly 20% on your monthly bills compared to many other comparable cities, even Texas. The main reason we get an excellent overall score is our housing cost, which is very low. (More on that below.)

The rest of the cost indexes in la Marque are more or less the same as the national average. Still, most families would love to have 20% more money left each month; we think you’ll agree. Below are all of the major cost indices in La Marque if you’d like to compare them to the national average:

  • Overall: 82/100
  • Groceries: 95/100
  • Healthcare: 101/100
  • Housing: 52/100 (One of the lowest in the US.)
  • Utilities: 94/100
  • Transportation: 87/100
  • Miscellaneous: 104/100
pros and cons La Marque Texas

Con: Public Schools in La Marque Need Help

Most American cities and towns typically have at least a few schools with an A grade or higher. Unfortunately, in La Marque, Texas, the best you’ll find is a B+. Now, sure, a B+ isn’t half bad. (Just ask any respectable student.) However, all parents want the very best for their kids. In La Marque, the best school is Hitchcock Primary School, which has a B+ rating from Niche.

Pro: Watersports Galore in La Marque

Of course, watersports are a major pro to living in La Marque, TX! Located super close to the Gulf of Mexico has its perks, no doubt. One of them is the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of watersports, which are extremely popular here. From deep-sea fishing to boating, skiing, wakeboarding, and sun-worshipping, you can do it all near La Marque! Fact is, many folks rent storage units in La Marque, TX, to store their boats and gearSo noNo matter what you love to do on the ocean, you’ll find it when you live in La Marque.

pros and cons La Marque Texas

Con: Crime and Safety in La Marque are Problematic

No American city is perfect, and La Marque, Texas, is no exception. Although our crime rate isn’t insanely high, it could be a bit better. For example, property crimes like theft are nearly double the national average. Motor vehicle theft is about 15% higher than the national average also. Violent crime, however, is a bit lower than the national average, thank goodness.

Pro: Housing is Very Affordable

Back to our favorite Pro on this list of Pros and Cons of Living in La Marque, TX! Earlier, we mentioned how the cost of living in La Marque, TX is affordable. We also noted the reason for our affordability, which is mainly due to our incredibly low home prices. The median home value in La Marque is $162,000, nearly half the national average of $291,000! That’s a significant difference that could mean substantial savings for your family. (Imagine being able to cut your mortgage bill in half, and you’ll know what we mean!)

Con: Long Commutes in La Marque

For a small town in Texas, La Marque has an unusually long commute time. It’s 25.1 minutes one-way, which is just a minute shy of the national average. For people who work from home, that’s not a big deal. However, if you commute to work every day, those extra minutes could make a big difference in your life.

pros and cons La Marque Texas

Pro: La Marque is a Highly Diverse Town

One thing that many of the people who live in La Marque love is the diversity here. Indeed, the town is almost perfectly divided among Hispanics, Whites, and African-Americans. (That’s good news for everyone, especially people who enjoy excellent food.) We’re almost evenly split among male and female residents also. One last benefit of all this diversity is that La Marque is a very inviting and friendly town. When it comes to pros and cons of living in La Marque, TX, the people are definitely a PRO!

Con: The Comfort Index is Low

One of the biggest cons of living in La Marque is that the weather here is relatively extreme. And by extreme, we mean ridiculously hot, especially between May and September. The average temperature in August, for example, is 90.3 F. The most comfortable months of the year? Surprisingly, April, May, and October. With all that heat comes immense humidity, which can be stifling in summer. And that, too, lasts from May to September. La Marque also sees a lot of rain in winter due to our proximity to the Gulf.

pros and cons La Marque Texas

La Marque, TX is a Pleasant Place to Live and Work

While La Marque, Texas, might not be perfect, most people who live here think it’s a friendly and happy place to live. The weather is (mostly) good, outdoor activities abound, and the people are friendly, outgoing and neighborly.

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