What To Do if You Regret Moving to the Suburbs

So you did it; you packed up and left the city… and now you regret moving to the suburbs. Maybe it was New York, and you left for Hoboken or Jersey City. It might have been Los Angeles and the traffic there that drove you to the ‘burbs.

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What To Do if You Regret Moving to the Suburbs

Whatever it was that made you decide to move out of the big city; you did it. You’re living in a suburb, with houses, front lawns, and tree-lined streets. And maybe, just maybe… you regret the whole thing.

Don’t regret moving to the suburbs; there are still many ways to get your city groove going again!

For whatever reason, the suburbs just don’t sit right with you. Maybe the pace of life is too slow, or your new commute is too long? You may miss your friends and the city lifestyle, since, as they say, the city never sleeps. Whatever the reason, you now feel trapped and regret moving to the suburbs, which can be a real bummer.

If that’s the case, we have some good news for you. We put together a list of things to do if you regret moving to the suburbs! It’s full of tips, advice, and info that will help you get back on your big city groove. If that sounds like it would cheer you up today (at least a little), read on!

Don’t Regret Moving to Suburbs Because It Offers More House for Less Money

One excellent reason to live in the suburbs of most large American cities is housing costs. There are very few places where houses in the suburbs aren’t substantially lower than in the city. Not only that, but you have an actual home as opposed to a tiny apartment or even a rent-controlled unit.

If you have children, living in the suburbs means having much more space for them (And the inevitable stuff they collect). For example, your kids can have their own bedrooms and possibly even a playroom just for them. They’ll also have a yard to play in, and maybe even a pool! Compared to the cramped, expensive apartments in the city, a house in the suburbs rocks!

Don’t Regret Moving to Suburbs Because New Friends are Everywhere!

Many folks who regret moving to the suburbs feel that way because they miss their friends terribly. That’s understandable, of course, as we all like having friends around for fun and moral support. But, here’s the thing; there are plenty of people in the suburbs who would make fantastic friends! All you need to do is find them, which, in most American suburbs, isn’t all that difficult.

Just like in the city, there are gyms, yoga classes, improv classes, and more. Book clubs and dinner clubs are a thing in the ‘burbs, too, as well as playdates for the kids. You’ll also find many organizations like the Kiwanis club, Italian American Club, and others. Plenty of people congregate there to have a good time, catch up, gossip and throw back a few beers. Again, the only thing you need to do is get out there! Yes, your old friends are far away, but there are many new ones ready to take their place!

What To Do if You Regret Moving to the Suburbs

The Cost of Living in Most Suburbs is Cheaper

We’re sure you’ve noticed some of your bills are lower since moving to the suburbs. (Maybe much lower.) Housing costs, groceries, and miscellaneous items are usually substantially lower outside of the city. The same can be said for healthcare, transportation costs, and utilities too. If you’re like most suburbanites, you probably have considerably more money in your bank account at the end of each month. No matter how you look at it, that’s a good thing.

The Suburbs are Safer and Cleaner

While it’s a shame to say it, most big American cities are relatively unsafe and unclean. Indeed, crime rates in most cities are much higher than in their surrounding suburbs. That’s something you surely need to take into account as crime affects everyone. Sure, the suburbs aren’t anywhere close to crime-free, but most are substantially better. While you might regret moving to the suburbs, we think you’ll agree that nobody regrets being safer.

The same goes for cleanliness. Some cities, unfortunately, are especially gross. Garbage piles on the street, rats everywhere you look, and just plain filthiness. Most suburbs, while not sparkling clean, are several steps above “gross.” The streets are cleaner, parks are as well, and even the air is (usually) cleaner and fresher. For most people, that’s a true perk.

The City Isn’t Going Anywhere

Yes, you regret moving to the suburbs, but ask yourself this; why? Whatever city you moved away from, we can assure you it’s still there. Everything used to do, all the places you liked to visit, everything. If you haven’t moved too far away, you can certainly go in for a day and visit friends and old hangouts. If you have family in the city, you could go in for a weekend and have a great time! Who knows, it might be just the thing to keep you happy and enjoying your new life in suburbia!

What To Do if You Regret Moving to the Suburbs

Heading Back to the City? Rent a Storage Unit!

If you’ve decided to go back to the big city, whichever it may be, good for you. You need to do what makes you and your family happy and, if that’s big city life, so be it! One suggestion: rent a storage unit first, and store your things while you house hunt. The extra time it gives you will considerably lower your stress and anxiety levels because you won’t have to rush!

We’re iStorage, the self storage experts, and we know a lot about frantic house hunting. We’ve helped many folks avoid it with clean, safe, and affordable storage units. We’ve got storage facilities all over America in many of our nicest cities (and suburbs, too). With 24/7 security and on-site managers, they’re very secure and ready for all your stuff!

Questions? You can chat online with a friendly manager anytime you like. Even better, visit one of our local storage centers near your big city of choice. The on-site manager will be more than happy to give you a tour and explain how everything works. Until then, whether in the suburbs or big city, we wish you the best that life has to offer!

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