What’s It Like Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Living in the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis, MN is a dream-come-true for many people. If you’re wondering what’s it like living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or what the cost of living is here, there’s a lot to know! Sure, the winters can be a bit brutal, but Minneapolis offers so much that it’s easy to overlook them. For one thing, our beautiful city is the most literate in the U.S. Throw in magnificent malls, a cornucopia of culture and delicious food and we think the Saintly City is best.

Fun Fact that Define What it is Like Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Prince Once Lived in Minneapolis

In the late 1970s, a musical prodigy emerged in Minneapolis and created our unique ‘Minneapolis Sound.’ That man was none other than music legend Prince, who was born and raised here. Today he may be gone, but Prince’s sound will live on forever.

It gets C O L D Cold Here in Winter.

If you’re a fan of snowmen, skiing, and hot toddy’s, Minneapolis is for you. That’s because, in winter, the mercury dips down into the teens regularly. What’s it like living in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the winter? Really… just snow, and lots of it, is the result, from October through to April. One thing you’ll fond about Minnesotans, however, is that we’re very resourceful. Since the late 1800s, we’ve celebrated the cold with a winter carnival that attracts hundreds of thousands of revelers. That same carnival became a yearly event in 1946, the St. Paul Winter Carnival. (St. Paul being our Twin City, of course.)

Sales Tax on Clothing? No, Thank You

If you fancy yourself a clotheshorse, Minneapolis, MN, will be a dream. The reason why is simple; no sales tax on clothing (and accessories too!). That’s excellent news for the cost of living in Minneapolis, and, it’s especially good news since we’re home to America’s largest mall, the aptly named Mall of America.

We’ve Got the Country’s Largest Sculpture Garden.

As we mentioned, winter here and Minneapolis can get a bit frigid. During the rest of the year, though, what’s it like living in Minneapolis, Minnesota? Well visiting the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is a great way to pass the time. That’s because it offers some genuinely unique sculptures throughout the most extensive urban sculpture garden in the United States. Spread out over 11 acres, you’ll find 40+ permanent (and whimsical) art installations to give your eyes a fancy treat!

Minneapolis Created the Honeycrisp Apple

Wait, we created the Honeycrisp apple? That’s correct! It was way back in the 1960s at the University of Minnesota. An apple breeding program there invented, if you will, the Honeycrisp. It became so popular so fast that it was sooner named the Minnesota State Fruit. By the way, if you’re worried about eating genetically engineered food, don’t be. David Bedford created the Honeycrisp (sometimes called Honeycrunch) using oldfangled cross-breeding. (It took over 15 years!)

Good Grief! Charles Shultz Was born in Minneapolis!

If you love Charlie Brown and his friends, you’ll be glad to know their creator, Charles Schultz, was born here. He grew up here too and went on to create characters that have become beloved the world over. For lovers of trivia, you’ll be excited to know Schultz’s first published illustration was in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Food Is Serious Business Here

There’s an old joke in Minneapolis about how, in winter, there’s nothing to do here but eat and drink. So, what’s it like living in Minneapolis, Minnesota if that’s the case? We’ll give you one word: awesome. We have a fabulous food scene. In 2020, for example, several restaurants and chefs in the Twin Cities were finalists in various James Beard Award categories. (It’s the food industry’s highest honor, known as the “Oscars of the food world’.) Some of the nominees included:

  • Chef Gavin Kaysen of restaurant Spoon and Stable for Outstanding Chef
  • Restaurant Demi for Best New Restaurant
  • Jamie Malone of Grand Cafe for Best Restaurant Manager
  • Diane Moua of restaurant Spoon and Stable for Outstanding Pastry Chef

Craft Beer Is Serious Here, Too

You can’t eat delicious food without something to wash it down, and Minneapolis doesn’t disappoint. We’ve got 81 different craft breweries in the metro area, which is crazy! Beer is a veritable institution in the Twin Cities, and we like it that way!

The Minneapolis Skyway is The Longest In The World

Getting around any major city in winter can be a cold affair, no doubt. But what’s it like traveling around and living in Minneapolis, Minnesota especially when it’s so cold? Actually, quite comfortable. The Minneapolis Skyway is the longest continuous skyway system on the planet, it spans over 69 blocks and seven amazing miles. It also links many of our most crucial downtown buildings, making it much easier (and warmer!) to get around in wintertime.

We Love Donating Our Time Here in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a very giving city. Over 40% of adults that live here (and in St. Paul) are volunteers. They give their free time, expertise, and care to a wide variety of charitable institutions. It’s a giving spirit that permeates the entire metro area, neighbors helping neighbors.

What's It Like Living In Minneapolis, Minnesota?

What’s the Cost of Living in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Overall, very low. While the 0% tax on clothing is helpful, the truth is that Minneapolis does have high income and meal taxes. Unfortunately, our meal tax of 10.78% is one of the highest of any major city in the United States. Property taxes, other types of sales taxes, and vehicle registration are also comparatively high. All that to say, what’s it like living in Minneapolis, Minnesota as an average person? Not bad at all! The cost of living, Minneapolis overall is relatively low, though, so it does even out at the end of the day. Storing things in Minneapolis when you arrive is a good idea. That way, you can take your time searching for a new home in one of our lovely neighborhoods.

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