What Is Not Allowed In Storage Units?

What is not allowed in storage units is mostly common sense, but in the rush of moving items, you may be unaware of certain restrictions. At iStorage, we strive to provide the best storage experience possible for all our tenants. It’s important to respect the safety and security of your fellow tenants by following the self-storage guidelines.

A Quick List of What is NOT Allowed in Storage Units

image of 5x15 storage unit and what is allowed and not allowed in it

Combustible and Corrosive Items

It may be tempting to store your gas can with your lawnmower simply because it’s easy. However, we do not allow combustible, toxic, or corrosive items in your storage unit. This includes propane, kerosene, gas, grease, oil, and anything else that can easily catch fire. iStorage also does not allow fertilizers, cleaners, and paint inside a self-storage unit. Acids and other corrosive solvents or liquids that could leak toxic vapors are prohibited. Items that are flammable or explosive should never be stored inside a storage unit. This includes car batteries, fireworks, liquor, charcoal, or anything else that could be a fire hazard. When storing gas-powered motors of any sort, be sure to empty the fuel tank of all gasoline before storing. Never store firearms, ammunition, and explosives. You can find suitable storage for your weapon or ammunition at your local gun shop or shooting range.


It is fine to store pharmaceuticals in a storage container if you are a pharmaceutical representative. We do not allow illegal drugs of any kind inside storage units. Storage facilities must comply with all federal and state guidelines. Placing anything illegal inside your storage unit is a crime and you can be prosecuted for breaking the law.

Hazardous and Radioactive Materials

Hazardous and radioactive materials include biological waste, fertilizers, asbestos, and really anything that could cause damage or illness is strictly prohibited. This item may seem obvious when thinking about what’s not allowed in storage units, but sometimes the hazard is in disguise, like asbestos.

Perishable Items

You are more than welcome to store canned goods and non-perishable food items in your storage unit. At iStorage, we ask that you never store perishable food items inside your unit, even for a brief period of time. These items quickly attract rats, mice, roaches, and other bugs that can cause damage both to your unit and your neighbors’ units within the facility. Although iStorage has a vigorous anti-pest treatment program, any infestation that occurs usually begins with a tenant not adhering to this policy. If perishable items are found in your storage unit and have attracted unwanted pests on the property, you will be asked to vacate for the safety of the community.

live animals are not allowed in storage units

Live Animals or Pets

Unfortunately, there have been instances of tenants keeping pets or other live animals inside a storage unit. Not only is this against iStorage policy, but it’s also against the law. Never leave a pet inside your unit, even if you are visiting temporarily to pick up or move items. Storage units are not safe for pets. The safety of you, your pet, and everyone else at iStorage is important to us. Leave your pet with a friend, family member, or pet care professional when you are on the property for their safety and the security of the community. We do not allow in storage units for the safety of everyone.


Plants need light, water, and fresh air to grow, and should never be stored in your unit. If you can’t take your plants to your new place immediately, find them another home. Plants also add humidity to the environment, which can damage other items in storage. Added humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow.

Scented or Wet Items

In addition to plants, strong scents can easily attract insects, rodents, or vermin to your unit. Therefore, we do not allow plants in storage units. Candles or other strongly scented items should not be stored either. If they are, you may find your unit crawling with unwanted pests. Wet or damp items will quickly produce mold and mildew. Dampness will spread the spores inside your unit and even to your neighbors’ units. You should always ensure that all items are completely dry before packing them including appliances, linens, and clothing.

Extremely High-Value Items

Although iStorage offers great security, you should never store high-value items inside a storage unit. These items are not not allowed in storage units, but expensive jewelry, clothing or artwork should be insured and stored properly inside a secure facility suitable for the item or a bank vault. This includes rare coins, stocks and bonds, cash and anything else you cannot replace. It’s simply not worth the risk of damage or theft. Keep your valuables safe with you. Never leave anything unsecured when you are visiting your unit, even locked in your car. Read the fine print on what is and is not covered under the insurance policy.

keep items safe in storage units by packing the correctly

So, do you have more questions? Speak with the storage professionals or manager at your iStorage facility for additional information about specific items allowed inside your storage unit. They have years of experience with special situations and will be able to advise you on how to store safely at iStorage.

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