College Student Storage Guide | Relax, We’ve Got This!

With the end of the semester rush, finals, and summer goodbyes, you may find deciding what to do with your dorm room full of stuff over the summer is extremely stressful. Relax, we’ve got this! Since most student dorms close for the summer, every spring college students are faced with where to put their stuff while they return home, travel or work at internships in another city. Renting college student storage for the summer months is the perfect solution for your summer logistics. Storing your items in personal storage for the season will ensure that your items are safe and sound while you pursue your dreams!

Save Money and Time by Renting a Student Storage Unit

If you are attending college far from home, you’re faced with either finding somewhere to store your stuff or moving everything home (and back again). Packing everything into a car can be impossibly hard, and renting a moving truck can be expensive when you will just be returning in the fall. Renting a storage unit near campus is a cost-effective option and will make the transitions much easier. Small storage units suitable for storing a few items are inexpensive and will make moving back into your new dorm in the fall a breeze. Many storage facilities even offer truck rental on site for moving your larger items.

At iStorage, we offer convenient month-to-month leasing that’s perfect for short-term storage. Many storage units even have a free month promotion, keeping your total cost over the summer to a minimum. The best storage sizes for students are a 5 X 5 unit for a basic dorm room full of items, or a 5 X 10 unit if you have a couch or other furniture to store. You can even split a unit with a friend and save even more on your storage bill!

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Keep Your Items Safe Over the Summer

You may be tempted to find somewhere to park your things off campus with a friend or acquaintance. This is a bad idea, as you have no control over what happens to your items while you are away. It’s a better idea to keep your items in a secured facility where you can be sure only you have access to the unit. At iStorage we offer 24-hour security monitoring, gated access and well-lit facilities, ensuring your items will be protected from theft or damage. You can trust us to keep your belongings safe and secure while you are away for the summer.

Tips for Storing Your Items in College Student Storage

Clean your stuff before you store.

Make sure everything you will be putting into storage is clean, especially clothing, refrigerators and microwaves. No one wants to come back from the summer to face mold and bacteria growth and a cleaning project on their hands.

Pack smart.

Pack your books into smaller boxes to prevent hurting your back moving heavy boxes. Use wardrobe boxes for clothing which will make moving into and out of your dorm closet a snap. Wrap fragile items like plates and framed photos in paper or bubble wrap to prevent chips and cracks during the move.

Label everything.

Write a list of the contents on the side of the box with a permanent marker. You will be glad you did when you need to unpack after the summer and forget what was in each box.

Use storage space wisely.

Maximize your storage space by purchasing storage boxes in standard sizes. These fit together neatly and are strong enough to stack. Stack larger boxes on the bottom, working up to smaller, lighter boxes on the top. You can buy high-quality boxes at the moving and storage center at your iStorage facility when you rent your unit.

Don’t forget your code.

Be sure to keep your gate code access card somewhere safe for the summer. You may want to copy down the code and store it somewhere secure if you are traveling. Putting the code into your phone notes is another good idea. Disguise it with a few extra characters for security.

Get a secure lock.

Be sure to purchase a high-security lock for your unit. iStorage offers locks specially designed for self storage at the rental office. If you are using a keyed lock, be sure to give someone reliable your extra key to hold until you return to your unit. Losing your storage key while backpacking in France will mean you have to pay to have your lock cut off when you return.

Reserve a unit as soon as possible.

Every spring, flocks of students suddenly need storage. Get ahead of the crowd and make sure you have the best unit by reserving yours in advance. Waiting until the last minute will mean you may be left with no storage options or a less convenient location.

We’re Here to Help!

For many students, renting a self-storage for a college student unit is a new experience. No worries! Your knowledgeable and friendly storage professionals at iStorage are here to provide the guidance you need. They will walk you through the process, explain your options and can even set up Autopay for your account so you don’t even have to worry about paying your bill while you’re away.