How to Protect Mattress in Storage FAQs

A mattress may be one of the most valuable household items you choose to store in a storage unit. We spend over one-third of our lives sleeping and a good bedroom set can cost thousands of dollars. If properly maintained, your mattress set can last 10-15 years, so it’s important to store it correctly to protect your investment. We’ll show you how to do just that in this article, How to Protect Your Mattress in Storage.

How to Protect Mattress in Storage FAQs

Maybe you’re moving and need to store your mattress until you find permanent housing, or you’re reclaiming space for some other use in an extra bedroom and you want to keep the mattress for later use. No matter the circumstances, mattresses are one of the more popular items people store in personal storage. To ensure that your mattress is usable when you pick it up again, follow FAQs for proper mattress protection in storage.

How to Protect Mattress in Storage: Is Stacking Okay?

Yes. Not only can they be stacked, but they should be stacked. Stacking mattresses on top of each other is the recommended way to store them long-term. Make sure the floor of your storage unit is clean. Then, lay down some plastic to protect your mattress. (Cardboard works just as well if you have extra boxes.) Next, lay down the box spring (if you have one) and then the first mattress. If you have more, stack them carefully on top of each other.

Should Like Mattress Sizes Be Stacked on Like Mattress Sizes?

Yes, most definitely. As a matter of fact, you should never stack a smaller mattress on a big mattress, or vice versa. A smaller mattress can make a ‘dent’ overtime on a bigger mattress. If you stack a bigger mattress on top of a small one, the sides could bend and deform.

How High Should You Stack Mattresses?

A good rule of thumb is never to stack mattresses higher than you can reach without a ladder. That way, they will be safer to take them down when you need them. Also, the bottom mattress won’t get damaged from the weight of too many mattresses stacked on top of it.

How to Protect Mattress in Storage: Can You Store it Standing Upright?

Yes, you can store a mattress upright on its side (or border), but it is not recommended. The reason why is straightforward; gravity. If you store your mattress for a long time, gravity will take a toll on it. Gravity pushes down relentlessly on mattress padding, shifting it out of place. After a few months (or years), you’ll end up with a lumpy mess instead of a comfy mattress.

Should You Slide Or Push a Mattress On The Floor?

Although it seems convenient, sliding or pushing a mattress on the floor can be very damaging. It can tear the fabric, dent the frame, and damage the coils inside. It is always best to use the built-in straps to carry a mattress and never slide it across any floor.

Should You Purchase a Mattress Bag for Storing It?

By all means, yes! To protect your mattress in storage, you should get a mattress bag. A mattress bag will protect your mattress from dust debris, moisture, and most insects. You can purchase a plastic mattress bag at many self-storage facilities. Even better, cut the mattress bag off neatly when you purchase a new mattress. That way, when you move, you can use it again and save yourself the time and expense.

Can You Store a Mattress In Your Basement?

While there’s no law saying you can’t store a mattress in the basement, it’s not recommended. It’s too humid and damp down there, which is not good for a mattress at all. They will absorb that moisture and, over time, become moldy and smell badly. We recommend you store them in a cool, dry location. Better still, in a climate-controlled storage unit. That way, they’ll never be in danger of getting damp and gross.

Should You Air Your Mattress Out After Storage?

Oh, goodness, yes! If you’re wondering how to protect your mattress in storage, this is an important tip! That way, any mildew or moisture will dry completely. Also, you can reduce any odd smells significantly, as well as the risk of mildew or mold.

How to Protect Your Mattress in Storage: Climate-Controlled Storage

If you will be storing your mattress for any period longer than a few months, consider renting a climate-controlled unit. These special units are available at most iStorage facilities and offer added protection from the elements by maintaining an indoor temperature between 55-85°F year-round. Protecting your mattress from extreme swings in temperature will keep the sensitive foams from breaking down and prevent rusting of innerspring coils.

To learn more about the best mattress storage option for you, speak with the storage professionals at iStorage. We’ll be happy to help you select the best unit and size to meet your needs.

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