12 Reasons Why People Move to Panama City Beach, FL

View of panama city beach during early morning

Florida has been a popular state for decades, with folks moving there from “up north” to escape the cold, snow, sleet, etc. One of the top cities in Florida is Panama City Beach for many different reasons. If you’re moving to Panama City Beach, FL soon, the information below will be of great help and interest. It’s the 12 reasons why people move to Panama City Beach, as well as the pros and cons of the city, brought to you by iStorage. So, if that’s the info you’re seeking today, read on!

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Is Panama City Beach, Florida a Good Place to Live?

Like all cities, your opinion of Panama City Beach will probably come from the time spent there. The good news is that Panama City Beach is rated highly on almost all points, which indicates that many folks love living here. According to Niche, Panama City Beach ranks highly for outdoor activities, nightlife, weather, and more. Below are the scores from Niche (in alphabetical order) to give you a better idea.

Crime and Safety – C

Commute time B+

Cost of Living – B-

Diversity – B+

Suitable for Families – B

Healthcare and Fitness – B

Housing – B-

Jobs- B+

Nightlife – A

Outdoor activities – A-

Public Schools – B

Weather – A-

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in Panama City, Florida?

All cities have good and bad sides, and Panama City Beach is no exception. Below are the Pros and Cons of living here to give you a better idea of this small town’s identity (your new home).


  • Affordable living
  • Phenomenal weather all year
  • Excellent seafood
  • Cheap public transportation
  • No state income taxes
  • The people here are friendly and inviting


  • In spring, the traffic gets a little crazy with Spring Break
  • In summer, the weather is insanely hot and humid
  • Panama City Beach’s infrastructure needs help
  • The property crime rate is very high

Top 12 Reasons Why You Should Move to Panama City, FL

Need a few good reasons to move to Panama City Beach? Below you’ll find 12 of them!

beach with a long pier extending out into the ocean

1. The Cost of Living

With a cost of living index of 106, Panama City Beach is more affordable than many cities of the same size, and one of the more affordable places to live on the Florida coast.

2. The Public Schools

If you have kids in school, you’ll be glad to know that Panama City Beach’s public schools are rated highly, with many getting an A grade.

3. The Beaches

Panama City Beach has, not surprisingly, a handful of gorgeous beaches with sugar sand and access to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

4. The Weather

Besides a few weeks in summer when the weather is miserably hot and humid, the rest of the year in Panama City Beach offers beautiful, sunny weather almost every day.

5. The Seafood

Various seafoods on a platter

There are few places in the world with better seafood than Florida. Panama City Beach, as you might imagine, has some of the best seafood to come out of the Gulf.

6. Outdoor Living

If you love being outdoors, you will truly enjoy living in Panama City Beach as you can live outside most of the year.

7. The Outdoor Activities

There’s so much to do in this part of Florida! Wetlands, parks, nightlife, fishing, surfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, biking, and much more!

8. The Rain

The rain? Well, yes. It only rains occasionally, the storms pass through quickly and, afterward, Panama City Beach is much cooler. So, yes, the rain. (As long as it’s not raining due to a storm like Hurricane Michael!)

9. The People

In Panama City Beach, you’ll find that most folks are nicer, more open, and more willing to let the small stuff go. It’s a nice change of pace from the stress and anger you’ll find in many other states.

10. The Sunsets

You’ve never seen a gorgeous sunset until you’ve seen one from the beach in Panama City Beach. Sunsets are truly superb here.

11. The Amusement Parks

Panama City Beach isn’t next door to Orlando and some of the best theme parks in the world, but it’s darn close. You can get there from here in under 6 hours! Plus, we’re also close to Destin, Pensacola, Lynn Haven, St. Andrews, and several other exceptional cities.

12. The Taxes

With no state income tax, low corporate income tax and a combined sales tax of 7% (state and local) the taxes you’ll pay in Panama City Beach are far lower than in many other cities.

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