Fun, Interesting, and Exciting Things to Do in Schaumburg, IL

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Are you moving to Schaumburg, IL, soon? If yes, you’ll be glad to know Schaumburg is one of the most livable towns in America. Schaumburg has many excellent amenities and attractions and is a scant thirty miles from the Windy City of Chicago! There’s never a dull moment from the superb Woodfield Mall to working farms and much more!

As you might expect, many folks moving to Schaumburg wonder what there is to do and see. The short answer is “a lot,” but, lucky for you, we’ve got the long answer below. That’s where we’ll take a closer look at the fun, romantic, and exciting things to do in Schaumburg, IL. If discovering everything entertaining and enjoyable about this quiet village is your goal today, read on.

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Family Fun- Volkening Heritage Farm

For history buffs, families, and animal lovers alike, Volkening Heritage Farm is a delight! Returning you to the 1800s, this wonderful working farm harkens back to when Schaumburg was a quiet farm town. All around the farm, you’ll find actors in vintage apparel playing the roles of farmworkers from way back when. (They never break character!) There’s also an interpretive trail and, for the kids, the chance to see, pet, and feed several different animals. One of the most fun facets of this fantastic farm is the various live demonstrations. From how they used to cook to planting, harvesting, and handling livestock, it’s all on display for your enjoyment!

Super Shopping- Woodfield Mall

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Where do over 27 million people stop and shop every year in Schaumburg, IL? At the Woodfield Mall, that’s where! One of the largest malls in the country, Woodfield Mall has been fully renovated…twice. Today, along with over 200 shops, there’s also a slick new dining pavilion featuring today’s top restaurants. Even with the online shopping craze, the Woodfield Mall is still incredibly popular and always busy. That’s especially true in winter when the weather outside is frightful! If shopping, browsing, or an indoor walk is what you seek, head to Woodfield Mall. It’s one of the top things to do in Schaumburg, IL!

Fascinating- Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology

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OK, we get it. A museum of anesthesiology might not sound all that exciting. The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology, however, truly is a fascinating place. Founded in 1933, the library boasts over 13,000 books. It also has a vast collection of antique (and some modern) anesthesiology equipment, some of which will blow your mind! There’s also an interactive timeline of this unique medical industry and rare records, letters, and other intriguing stuff. While it might not be great for the kids, it’s a must-see for adults who enjoy unique museums! Our recommendation; don’t miss the exhibit on the first public demonstration of anesthesia! It’s genuinely engrossing and eye-opening to see how patients were “put under” back in the day!!

Natural Beauty- Busse Woods (Ned Brown Preserve)

The Chicago metro area isn’t known for being a place to explore the wilderness, but we think it should be. One of the best arguments backing up our opinion; Ned Brown Preserve, aka Busse Woods. We’re talking about nearly 3600 acres of green space to explore in the heart of the Chicago suburbs! The Preserve boasts 13 miles of paved trails and, for the fishing obsessed, the largest fishing area in Cook County. There’s also a 17-acre elk pasture where a local herd of these magnificent beasts comes to congregate and graze. 10+ miles of cycling paths await you here, too, along with kayaks and rowboats you can rent. In short, if enjoying nature’s beauty is your passion, Busse Woods will be your go-to adventure spot.

Captivating- International Sculpture Park

It’s not often you can see beautiful works of art while strolling outdoors in a gorgeous park. In the suburbs of Chicago, however, you can. That’s because Schaumburg, IL, is home to the International Sculpture Park! Situated on 20 acres of forests and meadows, the park is green, serene and pristine. You’ll find dazzling artworks from many of today’s top artists, including Dennis Oppenheim, Nina Levy, and several others. Even if art isn’t your thing, the park is lovely and makes for a fantastic afternoon adventure. Our recommendation; visit Schaumburg’s city website before you visit. It’s got all the information on the various artists and installations throughout the park!

Summertime Fun- Atcher Island

person sliding down a water slide

Chicago in winter can be a foreboding place. That’s why, in summer, you need to take advantage of the sunshine whenever possible. One of the best places to do that is Atcher Island, the tropical-themed water park here in Schaumburg, IL! Atcher Island is a hoot for kids and adults alike, with slides, wave pools, and more! (Ride the circular drop slide if you dare!)  The park is only open from June to August, so keep that in mind before you visit. But do visit, because your kids (and your inner-kid) will thank you profusely! It’s one of the most fun things to do in Schaumburg, IL!

Schaumburg, IL is a Great Place to Call Home

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