How to Choose the Right Neighborhood when Moving to South Euclid, OH

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A suburb of Cleveland on magnificent Lake Erie, South Euclid, OH, is one of the best towns in the Cleveland metro area for several reasons. South Euclid has a lot to offer, from moderately-priced housing to good jobs, low crime rates, and short commutes. If you’re moving to South Euclid, OH soon and are wondering how to choose the right neighborhood, you’re in luck! Below we have advice and tips on how to do just that! Read on to get them all and choose the best place for you and your family in your new town, South Euclid!

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Is South Euclid a Good Place to Live?

Considering how close South Euclid is to Lake Erie and all the fishing, swimming, boating, and watersports you can handle, it’s not a surprise that it gets high marks all around. There are many reasons to believe that South Euclid is an excellent place to live, including highly-ranked public schools (especially the elementary school), close proximity to exceptional hospitals, and also its closeness to freeways to make commuting less of a chore. As for the rankings the city gets, Niche rates South Euclid highly for several factors, including the following.

  • Housing costs, which are quite reasonable
  • The cost of living, which is lower than the national average
  • Incredibly low housing costs
  • Healthcare costs are almost 20% lower than the national average
  • Transportation costs are 12% lower than average
  • Utility costs, 7% lower than average

As you can see, South Euclid is also an affordable place to live with a lower cost of living. Housing costs here are some of the lowest in the United States and there are plenty of good homes on the market. Plus, with the lake so close, the opportunities for outdoor adventures are phenomenal!

What are the Neighborhoods of South Euclid?

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There are several dozen neighborhoods in South Euclid and many of them are excellent, safe, and quiet. Most of the best neighborhoods in South Euclid are near or on the waters of Lake Erie, although some neighborhoods further inland are great choices, too. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Some neighborhoods have better schools and real estate options than others, and some have less of a commute to either Cleveland or Euclid, OH. The top neighborhoods in the area include the following:

  • University Heights, OH
  • Lyndhurst, OH
  • Cleveland Heights, OH
  • East Cleveland, OH
  • Beachwood, OH
  • Richmond Heights, OH
  • Highland Heights, OH
  • Shaker Heights, OH      
  • Lyndhurst, OH  

Should I Avoid Living Near Mayfield Road?

There are many rumors about South Euclid, including that living near Mayfield Road in South Euclid is unsafe and dangerous. The truth is that, like anywhere else in the United States, South Euclid has some problems and some drawbacks, and community development can be lacking. However, it’s no less safe than any other city in any other state. Mayfield Road might not be perfect, but there are many good people who live there, and there’s no reason to think that the area won’t keep improving. So should you avoid living near Mayfield Road? Unless you have some specific issue, we would say that living in this part of South Euclid is just fine.

How far is South Euclid from Downtown Cleveland?

You’ll be glad to know that South Euclid, OH, is less than 10 miles from Downtown Cleveland, OH, which makes it about a 23-minute drive one way. That’s less than the average commute time by a few minutes, making it easier and faster to get to work if you work in Cleveland.

How Far is South Euclid from an Airport?

From the center of South Euclid, it’s about 22 miles to the Cleveland Airport (CLE). That’s about a 35-minute drive in normal traffic. Akron-Canton Airport is about 42 miles from South Euclid, about an hour with normal traffic. Those are the two closest airports to the town

What Cities does South Euclid Border?

South Euclid borders Cleveland, OH, and several other smaller towns and cities. Euclid is just to the northwest of South Euclid, while Chesterland is to the east. To the south of South Euclid, OH lies Beachwood, and Cleveland Heights is just to the west, along with east Cleveland. Further away there’s Toledo, about 130 miles west of the city. Lastly, to the south, there’s the city of Akron, OH.

Is South Euclid Bigger than Euclid?

When it comes to which city is bigger there’s no doubt it’s Euclid with a population of 46,205. However, South Euclid has just over 21,000 residents, less than half the population of its sister city to the north.

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